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351 Korean Pick-Up Lines: Sweeten the Conversation!

AI Pick Up Lines Generator

Korean pop culture has taken the world by storm in recent years. From Korean dramas, music, food, and even language, it's clear that the world has fallen in love with everything South Korea has to offer. Their language, Hangul, is captivating, poetic and beautiful, making every word sound like a lovely lullaby. What better way to express your affection towards someone than to whisper sweet nothings in this romantic language? So, if you want to impress your Korean crush or simply want to expand your cheesy pick up line collection, you've stumbled upon the perfect read!

Welcome to your definitive guide for the most intriguing Korean pick-up lines. Whether your Korean vocabulary is super impressive or you're only just starting your language journey, these clever and playful lines will provide instant inspiration. Peppered with elements of Korean culture and a dash of humor, these pick-up lines are more than just conversation starters. They are a reflection of the wit and charm inherent to the Korean language and its speakers. Buckle up, language enthusiasts and K-culture admirers, it's time to dive into the enchanting world of Korean pick-up lines.

Korean Pick Up Lines (2024)

Funny Korean Pick Up Lines (2024)

Everybody loves a good laugh, especially when it comes to breaking the ice or sparking a smile in someone special. When spiced up with humor, pick up lines can easily disarm defenses and set a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere. So, let's get the giggles going with these ridiculously funny Korean pick-up lines that are sure to provoke laughter and perhaps some blushing.

  • "눈이 좋아? 내가 보이니?" (Do you have good eyesight? Can you see me?)
  • "제 이름은 사랑이에요. 왜? 왜냐면 당신을 사랑하잖아요." (My name is Love. Why? Because I love you.)
  • "당신은 치킨 소스 같아요. 왜냐하면 당신은 나를 맛있게 만들어요!" (You’re like chicken sauce because you make me tasty!)
  • "난 안경을 필요로해, 왜냐하면 당신의 미모가 눈부시니까." (I need glasses, because your beauty is blinding.)
  • "당신은 천사인가요? 아니면 그냥 내 심장을 훔쳐왔나요?" (Are you an angel? Or did you just steal my heart?)
  • "넌 왜 항상 웃어? 내가 하트를 녹여버리게 할 거야!" (Why are you always laughing? You’re going to melt my heart!)
  • "당신이 좋아하는 피자가 뭐에요? 슈퍼 러브? 왜? 왜냐면 나도 그런 기분이든걸요." (What kind of pizza do you like? Super Love? Because that’s how I feel about you.)
  • "첫 번째 날에 사랑에 빠질 수 있을까?" (Can you fall in love on the first day?)
  • "여기 열 있나요? 아니면 당신이 너무 뜨거운건가요?" (Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?)
  • "당신이 문 앞에 서 있을때마다 우리의 사랑이 시작된 것 같아요." (Every time you stand at the door, it seems like our love is starting.)
  • "넌 내가 찾던 사람이야. 왜냐하면 나는 너에게 속아있거든!" (You’re the one I’ve been looking for. Because I’m lost in you!)
  • "당신이 바다라면 나는 수영을 할 거야!" (If you were the sea, I would swim!)
  • "넌 캠프파이어 같아. 왜냐하면 나는 너에게 끌려가니까!" (You’re like a campfire. Because I’m drawn to you!)
  • "당신은 별일까요? 왜냐하면 하늘에서 내려왔으니까요!" (Are you a star? Because you came down from the sky!)
  • "당신은 내 새벽이에요. 왜냐하면 당신이 나를 깨우니까!" (You’re my dawn. Because you wake me up!)
  • "당신은 초콜릿 같아요. 왜냐하면 당신은 나를 달콤하게 만들어요!" (You’re like chocolate. Because you make me sweet!)
  • "우리의 사랑은 짜장면 같아, 중화요리 속에 항상 들어 있는 그런!" (Our love is like jjajangmyeon, always in Chinese food!)
  • "나는 너를 보지 않을 수 없어. 왜냐하면 너는 내 눈에 반짝이거든." (I can’t not see you. Because you sparkle in my eyes.)
  • "당신은 몇살이에요? 아니, 저는 귀하의 메신저가 아닙니다!" (How old are you? No, I’m not your messenger!)
  • "너의 이름은 무엇인가요? 왜냐하면 나는 너를 기억하고 싶어." (What's your name? Because I want to remember you.)
  • "당신이 내 심장을 훔쳐가면 경찰을 부를 거야!" (If you steal my heart, I will call the police!)
  • "당신이 여기 있다면, 파라다이스가 얼마나 멀리 있는지 깨달았어요." (If you’re here, I realized how far paradise is.)
  • "당신은 나의 인생에 무지개처럼이에요." (You’re like a rainbow in my life.)
  • "당신의 미소는 저엣고 별보다 더 빛나요!" (Your smile shines brighter than that distant star!)
  • "나는 당신의 달콤한 키스를 원해. 왜냐하면 나는 너에게 중독됐으니까!" (I want your sweet kiss. Because I’m addicted to you!)
  • "당신이 샴페인이라면, 나는 달콤한 맛을 시도했겠죠!" (If you were champagne, I would have tried the sweet taste!)
  • "당신은 하늘에 있는 별처럼 반짝거립니다!" (You sparkle like a star in the sky!)
  • "당신을 보는 것은 절벽에서 떨어지는 것 같아." (Looking at you is like falling off a cliff.)
  • "당신은 나의 행운을 가져갔어!" (You took my luck!)
  • "당신이 내게 무슨 원한을 갖고 있는지 말해봐?" (Tell me what grudges you have against me?)
  • "당신은 저에게 하트를 보내기까지 얼마나 멀리 있나요?" (How far are you from sending me hearts?)
  • "너를 만나기위해 얼마나 많은 별을 건너야하나요?" (How many stars do I have to cross to meet you?)
  • "당신의 미소로 인해 나는 행성을 잃어버렸어!" (I lost a planet due to your smile!)
  • "한눈에 보았는데, 당신이 멋지다는 것을 알았어." (I saw at a glance that you are cool.)
  • "너와 함께 있다는 사실이 나를 행복하게 만들어!" (The fact that I'm with you makes me happy!)
  • "너와 함께한 시간은 항상 행복하다!" (Time spent with you is always happy!)
  • "당신은 그냥 당신 같아서 좋아요!" (I like you just because you are you!)
  • "나는 당신을 보는 것을 멈출 수 없어!" (I can’t stop looking at you!)
  • "당신은 천재인가요? 왜냐하면 당신은 놀랍기까지 하니까!" (Are you a genius? Because you’re amazing!)

Cheesy Korean Pick Up Lines (2024)

There's a charming allure about having a slice of humor and wit, slipped into a conversation. When it comes to romance, cheesy pick-up lines can light up even the most mundane moments. If you are interested in Korean culture and want to spice up your flirting game with some cheesy Korean pick-up lines, you're in the perfect place.

  • "당신은 나의 유일한 사랑, 흔들리지 않아." (You're my only love, unshaken.)
  • "당신이 없으면, 내 마음은 비어 있어." (Without you, my heart is empty.)
  • "당신은 나의 세상을 빛나게 해." (You light up my world.)
  • "당신은 내 일기장, 놓치지 않을거야." (You're my diary, I won't lose you.)
  • "당신 없이는 나 불완전해." (I'm incomplete without you.)
  • "당신의 미소 한 번으로 충분해." (Your one smile is enough.)
  • "너무 사랑스러워, 할 수 없어!" (You're too lovable, I can't handle it!)
  • "우리 함께 별을 세어 볼래?" (Would you like to count the stars with me?)
  • "당신의 눈은 밝은 별처럼 빛나요." (Your eyes shine bright like a star.)
  • "내 마음은 당신을 향해 소용돌이 칩니다." (My heart swirls towards you.)
  • "당신은 나의 아침 햇살이에요." (You are my morning sunshine.)
  • "당신과 함께라면 어떤 꿈이든 이룰 수 있어요." (With you, I can achieve any dream.)
  • "당신을 만나는 것은 행운이었어." (Meeting you was fortunate.)
  • "당신의 마음을 내게 보여줄 수 있을까요?" (Would you show me your heart?)
  • "당신을 생각하지 않으면 하루가 시작되지 않아." (My day doesn’t start without thinking of you.)
  • "당신의 미소로 우주를 밝혀 줄 수 있다면?" (What if you could light up the universe with your smile?)
  • "당신은 나의 행복한 장면, 잊지 않을거야." (You're my happy scene, I won't forget you.)
  • "당신은 나를 특별하게 만들어." (You make me feel special.)
  • "당신은 내 생애 가장 아름다운 광경이야." (You're the most beautiful view of my life.)
  • "내 심장은 당신만을 위해 뛰어요." (My heart beats only for you.)
  • "당신의 미소만으로 나를 행복하게 만드는 걸." (Your smile alone makes me happy.)
  • "당신과 같은 사람을 만나기 위해 얼마나 기다려야 할까요?" (How long do I need to wait to meet someone like you?)
  • "당신의 사랑은 나의 행운이야." (Your love is my fortune.)
  • "당신은 나의 가장 예쁜 꿈이야." (You're my prettiest dream.)
  • "당신은 나의 소중한 보물이에요." (You are my precious treasure.)
  • "당신과 함께라면, 나 어디든 갈 수 있어요." (With you, I can go anywhere.)
  • "당신이 행복하면, 나도 행복해요." (When you're happy, I'm happy.)
  • "당신의 미소를 보는 것은 나의 최고의 복이에요." (Seeing your smile is my greatest blessing.)
  • "문득 당신 생각에, 내 가슴이 참 소란스러워." (Suddenly thinking of you, my heart is really restless.)
  • "심장이 뛰는 걸 느낄 수 있어? 그것이 나를 당신에게 끌어당기는 이유야." (Can you feel my heart beating? That's why it draws me to you.)
  • "나의 하루는 당신이 시작이에요." (You're the start of my day.)
  • "입술이 당신을 그리워해." (My lips miss you.)
  • "내가 하늘을 줄 수 있다면, 당신에게 줄 텐데." (If I could, I would give you the sky.)
  • "당신을 만나러 왔어, 너무 그리웠어." (I came to meet you, I missed you so much.)
  • "다른 사람이 너를 만지면, 나는 질투나." (I get jealous when someone else touches you.)
  • "한적한 바다에서 너를 만나고 싶어." (I want to meet you on a deserted sea.)
  • "당신이 있어서 도움됐어." (It was helpful because you're here.)
  • "당신이 눈을 감는게 좋아, 거기에 행복이 있거든." (I like when you close your eyes, there's happiness there.)
  • "내 얘기 조금 들어줄래요?" (Will you listen to my story for a bit?)
  • "어릴 때부터 당신을 사랑하려고 준비됐어." (I've been prepared to love you since I was young.)
  • "당신이 나의 마지막 사랑이길 바랍니다." (I hope you're my last love.)
  • "당신은 바로 내 꿈이에요." (You're exactly my dream.)

Korean Pick Up Lines For Tinder (2024)

Are you ready to ignite the sparks of connection on the world-renowned dating app, Tinder? Maybe you're interested in someone from Korea or you're learning the Korean language and culture and keen to use your knowledge in a light-hearted, charming way. Here, we'll present you with a compendium that is sure to pique your interest: a list of unique, entertaining, and culturally in-tune Korean pick-up lines for tinder.

  • "당신이 세상의 모든 별보다 더 반짝거려요." - "You shine brighter than all the stars in the world."
  • "당신 없이 나는 허전해요." - "I feel empty without you."
  • "내 눈에는 당신만 보여요." - "Only you can be seen in my eyes."
  • "마치 꿈 속에서 만난 것 같아." - "It feels like I met you in my dreams."
  • "너는 내 인생의 가장 큰 선물이야." - "You are the greatest gift in my life."
  • "행운을 가져다 줄 줄 모르지만, 당신과 함께라면 충분해." - "I may not bring good fortune, but being with you is enough for me."
  • "너의 안부가 궁금해." - "I wonder how you are doing."
  • "너와 영원히 함께하고 싶어." - "I want to be with you forever."
  • "다른 사람을 볼 수 없어. 지금 당신만 보여." - "I can't see anyone else; I only see you right now."
  • "너는 내 마음을 훔치는 도둑 같아." - "You're like a thief that stole my heart."
  • "너는 나의 세상을 빛나게 해." - "You make my world shine."
  • "너는 나의 행복이야." - "You are my happiness."
  • "너는 나의 사랑이야." - "You are my love."
  • "내 마음을 가지고 놀지 마." - "Don't play with my heart."
  • "너와 함께 있으면 난 항상 행복해." - "I'm always happy when I'm with you."
  • "나는 당신을 위해 그 어떤 것도 할 수 있어요." - "I could do anything for you."
  • "너가 없으면 내 세상은 아무런 뜻이 없어." - "Without you, my world has no meaning."
  • "내 심장은 당신을 향해 뛰고 있어요." - "My heart is beating towards you."
  • "내게 길을 알려줘. 왜냐하면 당신의 맘으로 가고 싶어." - "Show me the way, because I want to go to your heart."
  • "당신이 날 선택하게 해주세요." - "Let me be the one you choose."
  • "당신의 눈빛만으로도 나의 심장이 멈출 것 같아요." - "Your gaze alone can stop my heart."
  • "당신의 웃음소리가 나의 기분을 좋게 해요." - "Your laughter lightens up my mood."
  • "내 옆에 있어줘요." - "Stay by my side."
  • "나는 당신이 필요해요." - "I need you."
  • "당신을 만나는 순간, 나의 심장은 단 한번에 멈추었어요." - "The moment I met you, my heart stopped all at once."
  • "당신의 미소가 나의 하루를 만들어줘요." - "Your smile makes my day."
  • "당신은 내 심장을 뛰게 만들어요." - "You make my heart beat."
  • "너는 내가 찾던 꿈이야." - "You're the dream that I've been looking for."
  • "당신은 나의 보물이에요." - "You are my treasure."
  • "당신의 말 한마디 한마디가 나의 귀를 달래요." - "Each of your words soothes my ears."
  • "당신의 매력에 푹 빠졌어요." - "I fell deep into your charm."
  • "당신은 나의 하루를 즐겁게 만들어요." - "You make my day joyful."
  • "당신은 나의 곁에 있으면 좋겠어요." - "I wish you were by my side."
  • "당신 없는 난 상상할 수 없어요." - "I can't imagine myself without you."
  • "당신이 좋아요. 그게 다예요." - "I like you. That's all."
  • "나는 당신을 기다리고 있을게요." - "I will be waiting for you."
  • "당신의 일상이 궁금해요." - "I am curious about your daily life."
  • "당신의 버릇 모두를 사랑해." - "I love all your habits."
  • "나는 너의 품에서 행복을 느껴." - "I feel happiness in your arms."
  • "넌 항상 내 일상의 작은 행복이야." - "You are my small happiness every day."
  • "당신은 내 삶의 중심이에요." - "You are the center of my life."
  • "너라는 인생의 느낌, 나 좋아해." - "I like the feeling of a life with you."
  • "당신에게 주고 싶은 이 많은 사랑이 있어요." - "I have so much love to give you."
  • "제 마음을 받아주시겠습니까?" - "Will you accept my heart?"
  • "당신이 있어서 행복해요." - "I am happy because of you."

Cute Korean Pick Up Line (2024)

Are you a Korean culture lover or getting ready to impress your Korean crush through some charming and adorable pick-up lines? The Korean language, divergent with its warm feel and poetic allure, reserves a beautiful way to express attraction and admiration. Let's delve in to unearth cute Korean pick-up lines that will undoubtedly add a fresh and flamboyant flavor to your dating game.

  • "당신이 내 꿈에 나오지 않으면 잠들고 싶지 않습니다." – “If you wouldn't appear in my dreams, I wouldn't want to sleep."
  • "당신의 미소는 별들보다 더 밝습니다." – "Your smile shines brighter than the stars."
  • "어떻게 자주 사랑스러울수 있죠?" – "How can you be so adorable all the time?"
  • "당신은 나의 마음을 흔들어 놓 았습니다." – "You have shaken up my heart."
  • "내 눈은 당신만을 볼 수 있습니다." – "My eyes can only see you."
  • "내가 바라는 것은 오직 당신입니다." – "All I want is you."
  • "당신은 내가 사랑을 무엇인지 알게 해 주었습니다." – "You made me understand what love is."
  • "당신은 우리 별이 될 수 있을 것 같습니다." – "You seem like you could be our star."
  • "당신은 나의 행복입니다." – "You are my happiness."
  • "당신은 나의 세상입니다." – "You are my world."
  • "당신은 내 마음을 채웠습니다." – "You have filled my heart."
  • "당신이 없으면 나는 존재하지 않습니다." – "Without you, I don't exist."
  • "나는 당신의 아름다움에 놀랐습니다." – "I am amazed by your beauty."
  • "당신은 나의 유일한 사랑입니다." – "You are my one and only love."
  • "당신이 내 옆에 있으면 비가 올 때마다 기쁩니다." – "I love it when it rains because you're beside me."
  • "나는 당신의 미소에 취했습니다." – "I'm drunk on your smile."
  • "당신이 옆에 있으면, 난 어디든 갈 수 있습니다." – "With you by my side, I can go anywhere."
  • "당신은 나의 첫번째 그리고 마지막 사랑입니다." – "You are my first and last love."
  • "내 마음속에 당신을 사랑할 수 있는 모든 공간이 찼습니다.." – "All the space in my heart is filled with love for you."
  • "당신이 내 마음의 비밀입니다." – "You are the secret of my heart."
  • "당신에 대해 생각하지 않을 순 없습니다." – "I can’t help but think about you."
  • "당신이 항상 내 마음에 있습니다." – "You are always in my heart."
  • "나는 당신을 잊을 수 없습니다." – "I can't forget you."
  • "당신의 미소는 내게 행복을 줍니다." – "Your smile gives me happiness."
  • "당신은 나에게 희망을 줍니다." – "You give me hope."
  • "당신은 나의 보물입니다. " – "You are my treasure."
  • "당신이 있어서 행복합니다." – "I am happy because you are here."
  • "당신의 마음을 얻기 위해 노력하겠습니다." – "I will try to win your heart."
  • "나는 당신에게 빠져 있습니다." – "I'm falling for you."
  • "영원히 당신을 사랑할 것입니다." – "I will love you forever."
  • "나는 당신의 눈을 보며 빠져버렸습니다." – "I lost myself in your eyes."
  • "당신의 모든 것을 사랑합니다." – "I love everything about you."
  • "당신은 나에게 완성되지 않은 퍼즐의 마지막 조각과 같아요." – "You are like the final piece of a puzzle I couldn't complete."
  • "당신이 없으면, 나는 완전하지 않습니다." – "Without you, I am not complete."
  • "당신의 눈은 별들보다 더 밝게 빛나요." – "Your eyes shine brighter than the stars."
  • "나는 당신의 숨결로 살고 있습니다." – "I'm living on your breath."
  • "나는 당신이 필요합니다." – "I need you."
  • "당신은 나의 영원한 사랑입니다." – "You are my eternal love."
  • "당신의 매일을 사랑하겠습니다." – "I will love your everyday."
  • "당신이 나의 사랑입니다." – "You are my love."

Korean Pick Up Lines For Her (Girls)

Unleashing your charms to capture a special lady's heart can be a daunting task, more so when you're trying to do it in a different language. Today, we've got you covered with some incredibly sweet, funny and creative Korean pick up lines for her that will surely make your heartthrob swoon. Let's dive into these enchanting phrases designed to send arrows straight to her heart.

  • “나왔다! 네가 나의 타입이야.” (Na wat da! Ne ga nae ui taip i ya.) – There you are! You're just my type.
  • “당신이 천사예요? 하늘에서 떨어진 것 같아요.” (Dangsin i cheon sa ye yo? Haneul eso tteol eojin geot gata yo.) - Are you an angel? Because it looks like you fell from the heaven.
  • “내 심장은 너를 향해 뛰고 있다.” (Nae simjang eun neo reul hyang hae ttwigot it da.) – My heart beats for you.
  • “당신 없이는 생각할수가 없어요.” (Dangsini eopsineun saeng gak hal su ga eops eo yo.) - I can't think without you.
  • “당신의 미소가 제 하루를 밝혀줘요.” (Dangsin ui misoga je haru reul balkhyeo jwuh yo.) - Your smile lights up my day
  • “당신은 저의 세상입니다.” (Dangsin-eun jeo-ui sesang-imnida.) - You are my world.
  • “나는 너를 보는 것을 멈출 수 없어.” (Naneun neoreul boneun geoseul meomchul su eopseo.) - I can't stop looking at you.
  • “저는 당신이 필요해요.” - (Jeoneun dangsini piryohae yo.) - I need you.
  • " 너는 나의 여성신화!" (Neoneun naui yeoseong sinhwa!) - You're my shero!
  • "나와 함께 별을 카운트 할래?" (Nawa hamkke byeol-eul kaunteu hallae?) - Want to count the stars with me?
  • "넌 내 꿈의 여자야." (Neon nae kkumui yeoja ya.) - You are the girl of my dreams.
  • "너와 같이 내 앞에 선 사람은 처음이야." (Neowa gati nae ape seon salameun cheoeumiya.) - It's my first time to see someone getting in line like you.
  • "네가 없으면 난 못 살아." (Nega eobseumyeon nan mot sala.) - I can't live without you.
  • "나는 너의 나비야." (Naneun neoui nabiy ya.) - I am your butterfly.
  • "오늘 밤 달빛 아래에서 식사를 할까요?" (Oneul bam dalbich araeseo siksa reul halkka yo?) - Shall we dine under the moonlight tonight?
  • "나와 함께 커피를 마실래?" (Na wa hamkke keopi reul masil lae?) - Would you like to have coffee with me?
  • "너와 함께 걸을 수 있을까?" (Neo wa hamkke geol eul su isseulkka?) - Can I walk with you?
  • "단지 널 보고 있어도, 난 행복해." (Danji neol bogo iss eo do, nan haengborg hae.) - Just looking at you makes me happy.
  • "내 하루는 너로 시작하고, 너로 끝나." (Nae haruneun neoro sijak hago, neoro kkeut na.) - My day begins with you and ends with you.
  • "너 없는 세상은 상상할 수 없어." (Neo eobsneun sesang-eun sangsanghal su eobs-eo.) -I can't imagine a world without you.
  • "나를 너의 꿈에 그려봐." (Nareul neoui kkum-e geulyeobwa.) - Draw me in your dreams.
  • "내 사랑을 너에게 보여줄 수 있을까?" (Nae sarang-eul neo-ege boyeojul su iss-eulkka?) - Can I show you my love?
  • "너는 나의 해, 나의 달, 나의 별이야." (Neoneun naui hae, naui dal, naui byeol-iya.) - You are my sun, my moon, and my stars.
  • "너는 나의 마음을 두근거리게 만드는 유일한 사람이야." (Neoneun naui ma-eum-eul dugeungeolige mandeuneun yuilhan salam-iya.) - You are the only one who makes my heart flutter.
  • "널 생각하면 내 마음이 콩닥콩닥 뛰어." (Neol saeng-gaghamyeon nae ma-eum-i kongdakkongdak ttwieo.) - My heart goes thump thump whenever I think about you.
  • "너와 나, 우리 둘은 황금 사슴같이 신비로와." (Neowa na, uli dul-eun hwang-geum saseum gat-i sinbih - We two are enchanted like golden deer.
  • "너는 내 생각의 중심이야." (Neoneun nae saeng-gag-ui jungsim-iya.) - You are the center of my thoughts.
  • "왕자님이 만들어낸 공주 같아." (Wangjanimi mandeul-eonan gongju gata.) - You are like a princess created by a prince.
  • "너는 내 마음속의 열쇠야." (Neoneun nae ma-eumsog-ui yeolsoe-ya.) - You are the key to my heart.
  • "너는 나의 마법사야." (Neoneun naui mabeobsa ya.) - You are my magician.
  • "난 너를 기다릴 수 있어." (Nan neoleul gidalil su iss-eo.) - I can wait for you.
  • "세상에서 가장 아름다운 꽃보다 너가 더 아름다워." (Sesang-es-eo gajang aleumdaun kkochboda neoga deo aleumdawo.) - You are more beautiful than the most beautiful flower in the world.
  • "너는 나의 달콤한 꿈이야." (Neoneun naui dalkomhan kkum-iya.) - You are my sweet dream.
  • "너는 나의 밝은 별이야." (Neoneun naui balk-eun byeol-iya.) - You are my bright star.
  • "너와 함께하는 시간이 제일 좋아." (Neowa hamkke haneun sigan-i jeil joa.) - I like spending time with you the most.
  • "너와나 마치… 매듭처럼 결합된 것처럼." (Neowa na machi… maedeob cheoreom gyeolhab doen geos cheoreom.) - You and me are tied… like a knot.
  • "나의 하루는 네가 필요해." (Na-ui halu-neun nega pil-yohae.) - I need you in my day.
  • "나는 너를 사랑해." (Naneun neoreul saranghae.) - I love you.

Korean Pick Up Lines For Him (Guys)

Falling in love is all about igniting the sparks, and nothing gets the sparks flying faster than a fun and flirty pick-up line. When you get the chance to approach that special someone, there couldn't be a more perfect way to express your feelings. Whether you're wanting to impress a crush, or add a little zest to your current relationship, these Korean pick-up lines for him are sure to make his heart flutter.

  • "나랑 사귈래?" (Want to date me?)
  • "그림쟁이요? 왜냐하면, 당신은 내 마음을 그렸어." (Are you an artist? Because you just drew my heart.)
  • "너의 미소는 진짜로 나의 하루를 밝게 만들어!" (Your smile really lights up my day!)
  • "계속 그런식으로 나를 바라봐줬으면 좋겠어." (I wish you could keep looking at me like that.)
  • "당신의 눈빛은 별들보다 더 빛나요." (Your eyes shine brighter than the stars.)
  • "당신 없이 저는 시든 꽃입니다." (Without you, I am a wilted flower.)
  • "나는 너의 음악만큼 너를 사랑해." (I love you as much as your music.)
  • "당신이 바라보는 그대로 멋져요." (You are as cool as you appear.)
  • "심장을 다시 뛰게 해줘요." (Make my heart beat again.)
  • "넌 나의 꿈이야." (You are my dream.)
  • "넘어질 때마다 너를 생각하면 아무렇지도 않아." (Whenever I fall, thinking of you makes it bearable.)
  • "너를 위해 별을 다 줄 수 있을까?" (Can I give you the stars?)
  • "당신은 모든 여자들의 천사일지도 몰라." (You might just be every girl's angel.)
  • "너와 함께 있으면 시간이 너무 빨리 가." (Time goes by so fast when I am with you.)
  • "당신은 사랑을 아는 유일한 사람입니다." (You are the only one who understands love.)
  • "너의 심장은 내가 언제나 찾고 있던 보물이야." (Your heart is the treasure I've always been seeking.)
  • "당신의 눈빛이 모든 것을 말해줘." (Your eyes say it all.)
  • "살아온 이 시간 동안 이런 감정 첨이야." (It's the first time I've felt this way in my life.)
  • "당신이 있어서 나는 행복해." (I'm happy because you're here.)
  • "당신과 함께 있으면, 그 어떤 선물보다도 소중해요." (Being with you is more precious than any gift.)
  • "나는 항상 당신을 기다리고 있어." (I am always waiting for you.)
  • "내 마음속엔 너만 살아." (Only you live in my heart.)
  • "너에게 빠져들고 있어." (I'm falling for you.)
  • "넌 나의 기적이야." (You're my miracle.)
  • "나는 당신이 필요해요." (I need you.)
  • "운명처럼 널 느껴." (I feel you like destiny.)
  • "내 마음을 받아줄래?" (Will you accept my heart?)
  • "당신만이 내 마음을 흔들어놔." (Only you shake my heart.)
  • "너와 함께 보내는 순간이 너무 소중해." (The moments spent with you are so precious.)
  • "너를 보면 심장이 뛰어." (My heart beats when I see you.)
  • "당신이 있어서 세상이 아름다워." (The world is beautiful because you're in it.)
  • "내 맘의 주인은 바로 너야." (You are the owner of my heart.)
  • "너를 위해서라면 뭐든 할 수 있어." (I can do anything for you.)
  • "널 위해 내 모든 걸 주고싶어." (I want to give you my all.)
  • "너를 처음 본 순간으로 돌아가고 싶어." (I want to go back to the moment I first saw you.)
  • "너에게서 눈을 뗄 수 없어." (I can't take my eyes off you.)
  • "너는 나의 숨이야." (You're my breath.)
  • "널 생각하면 맘이 따뜻해져." (Thinking of you warms my heart.)
  • "널 사랑하는 내 마음을 알아줬으면 해." (I wish you knew how much I love you.)
  • "내 심장을 가져 봐." (Take my heart.)
  • "너 없는 날이면 난 아무것도 아니야." (Without you, I am nothing.)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Korean pick-up lines difficult to master?

Pick-up lines, in general, can be tricky to pull off correctly, irrespective of the language. However, if you have a basic understanding of Korean language and culture, these lines will be a delightful addition to your vocabulary.

2.Do these lines work well in real-life conversations?

It largely depends on the situation and how well you deliver the line. With the right timing and a bit of humor, these pick-up lines can certainly break the ice and make a memorable impression.

3. Can I use Korean pick-up lines even if I'm not fluent in Korean?

Yes, you can! Even if you're not fluent, using a Korean pick-up line shows that you're interested in and respect the other person's culture.

4. How can I practice these Korean pick-up lines?

Try memorizing a few lines and practice saying them out loud. You can also use language learning apps or practice with a friend who is fluent in Korean to enhance your pronunciation.


Mastering these Korean pick-up lines takes more than just memorizing words. It involves understanding the culture, appreciating the humor, and delivering it with a genuine affection for the language. When you deliver these phrases with good-natured fun, they are largely seen as an adorable token of interest. They can open up dialogue, make people smile, and inject fun into language learning. Remember, the real charm isn't in what you say, but how you say it. In the end, the intention and authenticity behind your words matter the most.

Exploring these flirtatious phrases is an amusing way to learn about the Korean language, culture, and people. So whether you're eyeing your fellow K-Drama fan, a language partner, or planning to make your grand gesture to your crush, these lines are a fantastic tool to break the ice while showing off your language skills. With these Korean pick-up lines up your sleeve, get ready to score some giggles, spark interesting conversations, and leave a long-lasting impression!

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