274 Rugby Pick Up Lines: Get Your Flirt On!

Whether you’re a passionate fan or a dedicated player of the thrilling and physically demanding game of rugby, striking up a conversation with someone you fancy might seem like a challenging task. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share some witty, fun, and clever rugby pick-up lines guaranteed to break the ice and spark a conversation.

Channel your inner rugby enthusiast and try these fantastic lines to romantically connect with someone you admire at the pub, a match, or a social gathering. We have gathered a selection of rugby-themed lines that cater to all tastes, allowing you to dive into playful banter and share your love for the sport with someone who may potentially be your match made in rugby heaven.

Rugby Pick Up Lines ([cy])

Funny Rugby Pick Up Lines ([cy])

Laughter is often the best way to someone’s heart, and using humor as an icebreaker is a classic approach. Here are hilarious rugby pick up lines that will bring a smile to your special someone’s face and allow them to see the lighter side of your rugby obsession.

  1. Are you a rugby ball? Because I can’t resist the urge to pick you up and run with it.
  2. Do you play rugby? Because your beauty just tackled me!
  3. Baby, you must be a try-line because I can see myself scoring with you.
  4. Are you a scrum-half? Because you’ve definitely got my back.
  5. Want to play a game of ruck and roll with me?
  6. I may be in the front row in rugby, but I promise you’ll always be my number one.
  7. Is your name Jonah Lomu? Because you’ve stomped all over my heart.
  8. Are you a line-out? Because I can’t wait to lift you up.
  9. Can I be your left winger? I promise I won’t let you down.
  10. Are you a rugby referee? Because you’ve got me head over heels.
  11. Baby, let’s practice our rucking technique together.
  12. Are you an All Black? Because you’ve just made my heart do the Haka.
  13. Can I be your captain, so I can be the one to steer you in the right direction?
  14. Let’s tackle life together, I promise to support you through every ruck.
  15. You must be a rugby goal post because I’m constantly drawn to you.
  16. I may play rough on the field, but I promise to be gentle with your heart.
  17. Our love may be a scrum, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  18. Are you a South African player? Because you just sprung a bok in my heart.
  19. Is your name Rugby? Because I think you’ve just scored a try with me.
  20. Are you a fullback? Because I can’t stop chasing after you.
  21. Want to be my teammate on the field of love?
  22. Do you have GPS? Because I’ve been getting lost in your eyes since the moment I saw you.
  23. Wanna play a game of touch rugby? But be warned, I’m really good at touching.
  24. Are you a scrum? Because I’m ready to engage with you.
  25. Let’s form our own maul and take on life together.
  26. Baby, you must be a fly-half because I can’t wait to fly with you.
  27. Can I be your inside center? I promise to always stick by you.
  28. Let’s bind together and face life head-on like a true rugby scrum.
  29. Are you a rugby boot? Because you’ve got me tied up in knots.
  30. Want to be the prop to my hooker and anchor our love together?
  31. Did it hurt when you fell from rugby heaven?
  32. Can I put my hands on your thighs and push you into my life?
  33. Do you have a map? Because I think I found my way straight to your heart.
  34. Can I be your referee and make sure we play fair in the game of love?
  35. Are you a drop-goal? Because you’ve just kicked my heart into overdrive.
  36. I may not play for the All Blacks, but I promise to give you my all, every day.
  37. Want to form our own rugby union and play by our rules?
  38. You must be a rugby pitch because I’m ready to dive in and score.
  39. Our love could be the greatest rugby match of all time.
  40. Are you a hooker? Because I’d like to form a scrum with you.
  41. Baby, let’s practice our sidestep together and avoid life’s obstacles as one.
  42. Wanna make a plan for a romantic championship-winning try?
  43. I’m not Aaron Smith, but I promise my pass game in a relationship is just as strong.
  44. Can we be like an uncontested scrum —closely bound and moving together as one unit?
  45. Let’s take a line-out throw to catch the chance for our love.
  46. You make me feel like I’ve just won the Rugby World Cup.
  47. If our love was a rugby game, we would be undefeated champions.
  48. Are you a try? Because you’ve just scored five points in my heart.

Cheesy Rugby Pick Up Lines ([cy])

Who says rugby can’t be romantic? These cheesy pick-up lines will make even the toughest rugby players crack a smile. Perfect for those who appreciate a little humor with their flirtation, these lines are a fun way to break the ice and express your interest. So, get ready to channel your inner charmer and unleash these cheesy rugby pick-up lines.

  1. Are you a scrum-half? ‘Cause you just swept me off my feet!
  2. Can I be your fly-half? I promise to support you and always be by your side.
  3. Girl/Boy, if I could pick any position, I’d definitely choose you.
  4. If you were a rugby ball, I would never let you go.
  5. Do you play rugby? Because I’d like to tackle you to the ground and score with you.
  6. My heart is like a rugby field, and you just scored a try!
  7. You must be the TMO, because I need your help to determine if this love is real.
  8. Are we playing rugby? Because when I saw you, my heart began to ruck and maul.
  9. I think you’ve won a penalty kick, ’cause you’ve got me tripping up over my words.
  10. Are we in the front row? Because our chemistry feels like a perfect scrum.
  11. Can I call you my rugby coach? You’ve got my heart racing faster than a conditioning drill.
  12. You must play rugby because you just tackled my heart.
  13. Is it just me, or is our connection as strong as a teammates’ scrum?
  14. You’ve got a tight grip on my heart like a rugby ball in a ruck.
  15. You must be a flanker because you have stolen my heart.
  16. Want to form a maul? You already have my heart’s ball in your possession.
  17. Are you a winger? Because you just flew right into my heart.
  18. I must be a full-back because I can’t see my life without you.
  19. Can I be your number 9? I promise not to pass up a chance with you.
  20. If you’re a front row forward, I’d love to be your hooker.
  21. Is it time for a line-out? Because I want to lift you off your feet.
  22. You don’t need a jersey number, because you’ll always be my number one.
  23. I’m willing to play the position of your secret admirer.
  24. You bring the ball, I’ll bring the passion, and together we can score a perfect relationship.
  25. You’ve got me feeling like a scrum-half, head over heels for you.
  26. Are you an aggressive player? Because you’ve dominated my thoughts all day.
  27. You and I have a perfect connection, just like a well-executed line-out throw.
  28. I promise to be your most dedicated supporter, both on and off the field.
  29. I may not be a professional rugby player, but I’d love to train my heart for you.
  30. Wanna tackle life together like a ruthless front-row forward?
  31. You make me feel like a champion, and together we can win the game of love.
  32. Are you a referee? Because I want to play by your rules.
  33. Is your name Liam Williams? Because I’ve just been sidestepped by your looks.
  34. Are you a rugby field? Because I want to sprint into your life full speed.
  35. Love is like a ruck – messy, chaotic, but incredibly rewarding when done right.
  36. Are you a goal post? Because I’d love to kick-start our relationship.
  37. Let’s tackle life’s challenges together like a devoted rugby duo.
  38. You’ve got a way with kicks that has stolen my heart.
  39. You look like you’ve been training all your life to steal my heart.
  40. Let’s bond over our love for rugby and see where life takes us.
  41. Are you a winger? Because you’ve got me running circles in my mind.
  42. I think we’d make a great team, both on and off the field.

Rugby Pick Up Lines For Tinder ([cy])

When you want to slide into somebody’s inbox or spark a conversation on Tinder, a great way to stand out is by using witty and catchy rugby-themed pick-up lines. These playful lines are perfect for grabbing attention and showing off your passion for rugby. Get ready to score big with these unique rugby pick-up lines for Tinder.

  1. Are you a ruck? Because I’m ready to dive in and win your heart.
  2. Are you a scrum-half? Because you’re definitely the one who’s giving direction to my love life.
  3. Girl, you must be a rugby ball, because I always want my hands on you.
  4. If we were playing rugby, I’d never let anyone tackle you.
  5. Can I be your first try? I promise I’ll score in your heart.
  6. Are you a captain? Because you’re definitely leading my heart into the try zone.
  7. My love for you is like a rugby game, intense and never-ending.
  8. If you were a rugby pitch, I’d love to scrum down with you any day.
  9. Do you play rugby? Because you have just tackled my heart.
  10. Are you a winger? Because you’ve run straight around my defensive barriers and into my life.
  11. I might be a prop, but I’d never prop you up against a wall unless you wanted me to.
  12. Are you a lock? Because I think you’ve locked away my heart.
  13. If I were a referee, I’d never blow the whistle on our love.
  14. Can I be your fly-half? I’d love to lead the charge and win your heart.
  15. Like a rugby player in a muddy match, I’m ready to dive in and fight for your heart.
  16. Are you a penalty kick? Because I would never miss the opportunity to score with you.
  17. Do you prefer a scrum or a lineout? Either way, I know we’d make a winning combination.
  18. I must have scored a try, because I just got myself a conversion with you.
  19. Are you a rugby shirt? Because you’re looking good on me.
  20. Are you a rugby player? Because I’d love to tackle you into bed.
  21. They say the key to winning rugby is timing and precision. Well, my timing’s perfect because I found you.
  22. Are you a drop goal? Because you’re driving me crazy, and I can’t resist taking a shot.
  23. Can I be the hooker in your life and hold your heart together?
  24. You must be a loosehead prop because you’ve got my head spinning.
  25. My love for you is like a scrum: tough, engaging, and always pushing forward.
  26. Girl, you got me hooked like the perfect lineout throw.
  27. Have you ever played fullback? Because you’ve got my back, and I’ve got yours.
  28. Are we in a maul? Because I feel like we’re inseparable.
  29. If your heart is the try line, I promise I’ll always dive in headfirst.
  30. My love for you is like a rugby match, fast-paced and passionate.
  31. Are you a tighthead prop? Because I’d love to get tight with you.
  32. You must be a touch judge because every time I see you, my heart races with excitement.
  33. If love is a rugby match, I’ll break every tackle just to get to you.
  34. If you were a rugby ball, I’d never let you out of my sight.
  35. Are you a rugby union referee? Because without you, there’s no game.
  36. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I pass by again?
  37. Girl, are you the Six Nations Cup? Because you’re the trophy I want to win.
  38. Are you a rugby game? Because I’d always want to watch you.
  39. Is your name rugby? Because you’re my one true love.
  40. If you were a rugby team, I’d be your most loyal supporter.
  41. I might not be a winger, but I’ll always be there to catch you.
  42. Are you the Rugby World Cup? Because I’d play my heart out just for you.
  43. Let me be your flanker, supporting you and protecting your heart.
  44. Are you a rugby boot? Because you’ve got a grip on my heart.
  45. Can we talk rugby? Because I feel like we’d score a great conversation.
  46. If life is a rugby field, I’ll always be your number one fan.
  47. Let’s form our own scrum, and I promise I’ll never let go.
  48. If I had to compare my love for you to a rugby tackle, it’d be a high tackle – completely unstoppable.
  49. Are you the Rugby World Cup Final? Because you’re the climax of all my dreams.
  50. If passion is a scrum, then I’m ready to push hard for your love.

Cute Rugby Pick Up Line ([cy])

When you want to make a charming first impression, cute rugby pick up lines are the way to go! It’s always great to begin with a light and playful tone, especially when testing the waters at a rugby match. Sharing a chuckle over these adorable rugby-inspired lines is sure to create an instant connection. So, without further ado, here are cute rugby pick up lines to win over that special someone.

  1. Are you a rugby ball? Because I’d love to pass the time together.
  2. Is your name Try? Because I’ve been scoring points with you all day.
  3. You must be a scrum-half because you’ve got my heart racing.
  4. Do you play rugby? Because you’ve just tackled my heart.
  5. Are you the Sin-Bin? Because being without you feels like a penalty.
  6. Are you a try line? Because you’ve got me crossing over to your heart.
  7. I must have won the ruck, as I have secured possession of your heart.
  8. Our love is like a rugby match – full of passion and excitement!
  9. Are you a conversion? Because you’ve got me kicking for joy.
  10. Every time I see you, my heart does a forward pass.
  11. Baby, together we’d make the perfect team – both on and off the pitch.
  12. Did you just score a try? Because you’ve stolen my heart away.
  13. If you were a rugby pitch, I’d never want to leave your side.
  14. Are you a penalty kick? Because my heart’s racing whenever I aim for you.
  15. You must be a referee because you’ve got total control over my heart.
  16. Just like in rugby, sometimes all we need is a little push to get things going.
  17. Our love is like a scrum – strong, united, and unstoppable.
  18. If you were a rugby team, you’d be my number one choice to support.
  19. Are we playing rugby? Because you’ve got me hooked on you.
  20. Just like a rugby player, I’ll never give up on us.
  21. Are you a ruck? Because I’m ready to commit to you.
  22. Can I be your winger, so we can soar together through life?
  23. Are you a scrum? Because getting close to you feels amazing.
  24. I’ll be your fly-half if you’ll be my scrum-half – together, we’ll make the perfect pair.
  25. Just like a rugby try, our love will always score high.
  26. Your smile is like a successful penalty kick – it never misses its mark.
  27. Can I call you my MVP, because you’re the most valuable person in my life.
  28. Are you a rugby team captain? Because you’ve got my heart playing to your rhythm.
  29. I must be a prop, because I’d do anything to support you.
  30. Are we playing rugby? Because with you, I always feel like a winner.
  31. When we’re together, it feels like a perfect rugby match.
  32. Your eyes captivate me like the haka performed by the All Blacks.
  33. Our love story is like a thrilling rugby match with a happy ending.
  34. Are you a scrum? Because you have all the support you need right here.
  35. You must be a fullback, because you’ve got my back – in all situations.
  36. Our relationship is like a rugby pitch – perfectly designed for us.
  37. Can I be your flanker? I promise to protect you wherever we go.
  38. Just like a rugby ball, you’ve got me spinning with joy.
  39. Can I call you my coach? Because you’ve got me playing my best game yet.
  40. Are you a rugby trophy? Because you’re the prize I’ve always wanted.
  41. Your smile lights up my world like a floodlit rugby stadium.

Rugby Pick Up Lines For Her (Girls)

Ready to charm the rugby-loving lady of your dreams? These swoon-worthy pick-up lines will make her blush and showcase your enthusiastic love for rugby while maintaining a humorous touch. Without further ado, here are 49 unique and relatable rugby pick-up lines designed just for her.

  1. Are you a perfect pass? Because you’ve caught my heart.
  2. Is your name Scrum? Because our chemistry is undeniable.
  3. You must be a rugby ball because I just can’t keep my hands off you.
  4. Can I practice my tackle technique on you? I promise I’ll be gentle.
  5. Call me a referee because I’m ready to sweep you off your feet.
  6. Girl, you’re like a try – always worth going the extra distance for.
  7. Just like a line-out, I’ll jump high to win your heart.
  8. Fancy a quick maul? I promise I’ll keep my hands above the waist.
  9. Are you a rugby field? Because I’d love to make a score with you.
  10. Do you believe in love at first scrum, or should we try again?
  11. Just like a well-timed conversion kick, I’ll always aim for your heart.
  12. Are you a rugby match? Because every time I see you, my heart races.
  13. Let’s be the dynamic duo of fortresses: you defend my heart, and I protect yours.
  14. If loving rugby is a sin, then we’ll be sinners together.
  15. Did it hurt when you fell from rugby heaven?
  16. Can I call you my winger? Because you always manage to find a way into my heart.
  17. Just like a rugby ball, my world revolves around you.
  18. Are you a scrum-half? Because you seem to be the link to my happiness.
  19. You’re like a drop-kick, a combination of precision and grace.
  20. I’ll be the scrum-half to your fly-half, the perfect match under pressure.
  21. Are you a fullback? Because I’d love to take support from you.
  22. Baby, do you believe in fate? Because you just stepped into my ruck.
  23. Our love is like a rugby match, full of passion and excitement.
  24. Are you a prop? Because my heart hinges on you.
  25. Your smile tackles my heart every time.
  26. Baby, you must be a center, the perfect mix of strength and agility that steals my breath away.
  27. Just like a rugby team, let’s walk through life together – side by side.
  28. You’ve got the grace of a winger and the heart of a hooker.
  29. Can I borrow a kissing playbook? You seem like a pro.
  30. My love for you is like a scrum – intense, powerful, and undeniable.
  31. Are you a penalty try? Because my love for you is indisputable.
  32. Is it time for a line-out? Because this conversation has me hooked.
  33. Let’s make a perfect team – you be the forward, and I’ll be the back.
  34. Are you a rugby boot? Because you’re the perfect fit for me.
  35. Girl, you’re like a good ruck, I’m always ready to clean you out.
  36. Let’s huddle up and discuss our future game plan.
  37. Our love story beats any rugby match in terms of thrills and intensity.
  38. Baby, you’re like a high-quality rugby ball – always ready for action.
  39. Your beauty outshines even the most spectacular try.
  40. Give me the perfect line break, and I’ll run straight to your heart.
  41. I promise I’ll always support you, just like any true rugby fan.
  42. I might not score the winning try, but I’ll make sure our love never fades.
  43. Together, we can conquer any rugby pitch – or life’s challenges.
  44. Let’s build a scrum made of love and passion.
  45. Can I be your sin bin? Because I want to take you off the market.
  46. You bring out the rugby captain in me – fearless and passionate.
  47. Are you a talisman? Because you bring me luck and inspiration.
  48. I’ll be the lock to your prop and keep you grounded in my heart.
  49. Our love is like a rugby tackle, fierce yet fascinating.

Rugby Pick Up Lines For Him (Guys)

If you’re a female fan looking to catch the attention of a rugby-loving guy, you’re in the right place! Below is a list of 42 unique and rugby-related pick-up lines that will definitely make him realize that you’re someone special who shares his love for the game. So let’s dive into these fun and amusing lines to spark his interest:

  1. Are you a scrum-half? Because you’re always at the center of my thoughts.
  2. Baby, we are a match made in rug-heaven. Can I be your teammate for life?
  3. I’d play fullback as long as I can tackle you.
  4. Is your name Rugby? Because you’ve won my heart and taken possession.
  5. When we’re together, I feel like we can score a Try every time.
  6. Your muscles make me weak in the knees. Are you sure you’re not a prop?
  7. Do you believe in love at first line-out? Because I do.
  8. You must be a winger because you’ve got me running towards you.
  9. Are you a rugby ball? Because I’d love to run with you.
  10. Can I play with your sliotar? I promise to be gentle.
  11. Are you a flanker? Because I’d love to be tackled by you.
  12. You’re more alluring than a perfectly executed chip and chase.
  13. Is your name DHL? Because every time I see you, my heart races like I’m about to receive a delivery from the rugby gods.
  14. You stole my heart like O’Driscoll stealing the ball in a ruck.
  15. Are you the referee? Because every time I look at you, I want to blow my whistle.
  16. Can you teach me how to pass? Because I’d love to connect with you.
  17. I would gladly go into touch if it means I can hold your hand.
  18. You’ve taken possession of my heart like a scrum master on the attack.
  19. Are you a winger? Because you’ve sprinted your way into my heart.
  20. Can we huddle up? I want to share my love for rugby with you.
  21. My heart is a rugby pitch, and you’ve taken the center.
  22. Are you a fly-half? Because you make my heart soar.
  23. Your love is like a drop goal – impeccable timing and perfect execution.
  24. Can you teach me the offload? Because I’d like to hand over my heart to you.
  25. I’ve traveled across countless rucks to find you.
  26. You must be an international rugby player because you’ve got me feeling starstruck.
  27. Every time I see you, I feel like I’ve just scored a Try.
  28. Do you have any spare tickets to the rugby match? Because I’d love to be on your sideline.
  29. I may not be an expert in rugby, but I do know that we’d make a great pair.
  30. Your charm is more powerful than a rugby player’s stiff arm.
  31. Can I be the captain of your heart?
  32. Can we make our love story a line-out tale?
  33. Rugby may be tough, but your beauty can tame the game.
  34. You must be a great tackler, because I’m definitely caught in your charm.
  35. I’d give up every point and conversion just to win your heart.
  36. Are you a rugby pitch? Because I want to dive into your loving arms.
  37. Your smile is the only trophy I need to win.
  38. Are you familiar with the Haka? Because I’d love to perform a love dance just for you.
  39. Can you be the prop to my hooker, and together let’s form a love scrum?
  40. Let’s be like passionate rugby fans and cheer our love story on the sidelines.
  41. If life is like rugby, I would love to pass and receive our hearts in perfect harmony.
  42. I may not score the winning Try, but I’ll do my best to win your love.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a successful rugby pick up line?

A successful rugby pick up line is one that tastefully integrates your love for the sport, displays a bit of creativity, and also showcases your sense of humor.

2. How do I choose which rugby pick up line to use?

Select a line that resonates with you and feels natural to deliver. It’s essential to keep it authentic and confident, and don’t forget to consider the preferences of the person on the receiving end.

3. Are rugby pick up lines mainly for rugby players or fans?

Rugby pick up lines can be used by both die-hard fans and actual rugby players. They function as excellent conversation starters, whether you’re using them to kick off a chat about the game or playfully flirting.

4. Can I modify these rugby pick up lines to fit my personality better?

Absolutely! Feel free to adjust these lines to match your personality and fit the situation you find yourself in. A tailored line will always be more convincing and may improve your chances of success.


In conclusion, rugby pick-up lines can bring out the fun and excitement of the game in our conversations with the people we admire, adding a unique twist to the usual pick-up lines. These rugby-inspired one-liners will not only help you break the ice but also serve as an entertaining way to express your love for the sport.

Whether you’re watching a game at the pub, attending a rugby social event, or having a casual conversation with someone new, using these pick-up lines can be an excellent way to bring two rugby enthusiasts together. And who knows, you might just score a try in the game of love! So, don’t hesitate, be courageous, and give these rugby pick-up lines a go – you never know when luck will favor you on and off the pitch!

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