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250+ Apple Pick Up Lines (2023) Sweeten Your Love Life

AI Pick Up Lines Generator

Does the mere thought of sparking an engaging, flirty conversation make you perspire with fear? Or are you simply looking to inject some playful humor into your chats? Sure, you've probably heard of classic pick-up lines but have you ever considered using an apple pick-up line? Sounds quirky, right? And that's the point. A touch of whimsical absurdity can often be just the surprise someone needs to crack a smile and engage in a conversation with you.

From romantic to playful, from cute to utterly hilarious, apple pick-up lines, believe it or not, are the apple of the dating world's eye! This might sound bananas to some, but the cherry on top of a successful dating life might just be a crisp, juicy apple— pun intended. Whether you’re an apple lover, an admirer of puns, or an enthusiast of humor in dating, continue reading to discover how the humble apple can be your star player in the game of love.

Apple Pick Up Lines (2023)

Funny Apple Pick Up Lines (2023)

Injecting humor into your interactions can be a game-changer in your dating life. Interactions that are light-hearted become more memorable and give your compatibility a higher chance of blossoming into a meaningful relationship. So, let's arm you with funny apple pick-up lines that are guaranteed to make a lip-smacking impression on your next encounter.

  • "Are you an apple orchard? Because every time I'm with you, I find myself picking the sweetest moments."
  • "Do you have a map? I just got lost in your apple-green eyes."
  • "If kisses were apples, I'd give you a whole orchard – and then some cider to celebrate."
  • "I must be a caramel apple, because I'm totally stuck on you."
  • "You must be a Granny Smith, because every time you're near, my day gets a little bit zestier."
  • "Is your name Fuji? Because each moment with you is picture-perfect and sweet."
  • "Are you an apple pie? Because every time I see you, life feels warm and cozy."
  • "If we were two apples, I'd pick us from the same tree just to ensure we wouldn't end up a-peel-ing away from each other."
  • "I think you've stolen the 'apple' of my heart. Should I call a cop, or will you agree to a date?"
  • "Are you a rare apple variety? Because finding someone like you is truly one-in-a-million."
  • "Are you an apple? Because it seems I've fallen for you."
  • "Did it hurt when you fell from the Apple tree?"
  • "Are we at the orchard? Because I’m apple-solutely attracted to you."
  • "Are you an apple turnover? Because I’m flipped over you."
  • "You're the apple of my pie."
  • "Is your name Apple? Because I feel we're a Mac-made in heaven."
  • "Are you an apple seed? I sense some growth between us."
  • "I'm like Newton, always attracting apples!"
  • "Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a message a day keeps loneliness at bay."
  • "You're the apple, I'm the pie. We're a match made in bakery heaven."
  • "If you were an apple, you'd be delicious!"
  • "Apple juice or orange juice? No matter your choice, you're still the sweetest."
  • "I was feeling bad for Johnny Appleseed, till I met you."
  • "My heart beats like the quick tempo of an Apple Watch for you."
  • "No apple has ever been as sweet as you."
  • "You're no forbidden fruit, but I still crave you like Eve craved the apple."
  • "If love is an apple tree, then you're the only apple on it for me."
  • "Are you an iPod? ‘Cause I can’t stop playing our love song."
  • "If we were apples, we’d make a fine cider."
  • "Speaking apple-y ever after starts with a smile from you."
  • "I've been apple solutely smitten with you since I first saw you."
Funny Apple Pick Up Lines (2023)
  • "Just like Apple, you revolutionize my world."
  • "Let's create our version of an 'Apple Store' – a place where our love is always in stock!"
  • "Are you a Granny Smith apple? Because you certainly turned my life tart and tasty!"
  • "An Apple laptop lasts about 10 hours, but my love for you is forever."
  • "Are you an apple? Because every other fruit is incom-pearring."
  • "You've downloaded my heart right from the app store."
  • "We may not be Adam and Eve, but you’re definitely my first temptation."
  • "Are we talking apples? Because I'm totally peeling for you."
  • "Are you an Apple gadget? Because I can't resist your updated version."
  • "If you were an apple, I'd never change my diet."
  • "You're the apple in the lunchbox of my heart."
  • "You're the cider that sweetens my life."
  • "You're not just my crush. You're my apple crush!"
  • "Are you an apple orchard? Because I pick you."
  • "My hobbies? Oh, just apple picking and heart-picking."
  • "Your beauty makes an apple's skin blush."
  • "Every apple from a tree is wonderful, but you're the one that fell nearest to my heart."
  • "Are you an apple? Because I'm getting lost in your core."
  • "If apples symbolize knowledge, then you're my university."
  • "I wouldn’t mind Apple giving me a heart attack – at least my heart was thinking about you."
  • "You’re like an apple – once I get a taste of you, I need you every day."
  • "Are you an apple seed? Because I can see us growing into something beautiful."
  • "Are you a Pink Lady apple? Because you’ve added color to my world."
  • "Are you an apple tree? I am falling for your shade."
  • "Apple trees produce beautiful blossoms, but you blossom my world."

Cheesy Apple Pick Up Lines (2023)

Few things in life can spark joy like a well-placed, cheesy pick-up line. So why not upgrade your dating arsenal with some apple-inspired pick-up lines? Have fun, be bold, and always remember, the objective is to bring lightness and laughter into the interpersonal space. Here, we'll introduce cheesy apple pick-up lines that are amusingly sweet and ready to be sprinkled into your conversations.

  • "Are you an apple? Because you are the apple of my eye."
  • "If you were an apple, you'd be a fineapple."
  • "Excuse me, are you an apple farmer? Because you've grown a peck of my interest."
  • "Do you have a map? I just got lost in the orchard of your eyes."
  • "You're like an apple, the more I peel into you, the better you seem!"
  • "Are you a Granny Smith apple? Because you've just given me a sweet and tart surprise!"
  • "If beauty were an apple, you'd be an entire orchard!"
  • "Are you a red apple? Because my doctor says I need one of you a day."
  • "I must be Snow White, because I think you're the fairest apple of them all."
  • "You remind me of an apple; crisp, sweet, and impossible to resist!"
  • "Are you made of apple seeds? Because I feel something growing between us."
  • "Is your name Gala? Because I'm having a gala time just looking at you."
  • "You're more delicious than a caramel-covered apple!"
  • "Are we in an apple orchard? Because I am falling for you like Newton’s apple."
  • "Must be a golden delicious apple where your heart is, because I just struck gold."
  • "You're like a Honeycrisp apple, you've awakened my taste buds!"
  • "Do you believe in love at first bite or should I bite into this apple again?"
  • "If you and I were apples, could we be a pair?"
  • "Your smile is as captivating as an apple orchard in full bloom."
  • "Are you a magic apple? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears!"
  • "Were you grown in an apple orchard? Because you're the pick of the bunch!"
  • "Is it October? Because I'm falling for you like leaves from an apple tree."
Cheesy Apple Pick Up Lines (2023)
  • "Excuse me, can I offer you an apple? Because I want to start our story just like Adam and Eve's."
  • "You must be a Braeburn apple because you're making my heart burn with desire!"
  • "Are you an apple pie? Because you make my heart warm and gooey inside!"
  • "I hope you like apple products, because I am a Mac-daddy!"
  • "Life with you would be like an apple—sweet, refreshing and full of great memories."
  • "Could I take you apple picking? Because I want to share sweet moments with you."
  • "Do you like apples? Well, how do you like them apples…and me coming over for dinner?"
  • "If you were an apple, you'd be a Pink Lady because you've just made me blush!"
  • "How about we make like two apples and create the perfect pie…the perfect love story?"
  • "Roses are red, apples are too, I've never met someone as sweet as you!"
  • "Are you an apple? Because I find myself gravitating towards you."
  • "Did it hurt? When you fell from the apple tree of unconditional love?"
  • "Your beauty is rare and fine, just like an exquisite apple wine."
  • "Must be a McIntosh apple where your heart lies, because I've found my mac."
  • "If love were an apple, I would take a bite, to keep you in my life, day and night!"
  • "Your eyes are like two apples; I'd never pick another."
  • "Shall we make an apple turnover, turning over a new leaf in our love story?"
  • "You're the apple to my pie; you're the straw to my berry."
  • "Is cupid aiming at an apple on my head? Because I just got struck by your love arrow."
  • "Be the apple to my cider, and add some sparkle into my life."
  • "Are you an apple? Because I keep wanting to take a bite of your sweetness."
  • "Are you the Apple Store? Because I can't resist checking you out!"
  • "You're sweeter than apple pie, especially in those jeans my, oh my!"

Apple Pick Up Lines For Tinder (2023)

In the world of online dating, standing out is the key. The ‘hey how's it going’ approach won't get you far, so why not try something different? Get ready to swipe right to these deliciously witty and utterly appealing Apple pick-up lines for tinder. All they need is a sprinkle of confidence to use them, and you're bound to be the apple of someone’s eye in no time!

  • "Are you an apple? Because you're the apple of my eye."
  • "I couldn’t help but notice you across the orchard… after all, you’re the apple of my eye."
  • "Can I follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams, and you're an apple dream come true."
  • "Do you have a name or can I call you mine? Because for me you are the golden delicious."
  • "Are we in an orchard? Because you're definitely standing out among all these apples!"
  • "We must be apple seeds because we're perfectly ‘core’dinated for each other."
  • "Is your name Apple? Because I've been fantasizing about taking a bite out of you."
  • "I am not a fan of Apple products, but you could be the exception."
  • "You’re like an apple tart, you’ve just made my heart start."
  • "If you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple but since you're here, an apple would still be perfect!"
  • "Are you a Fuji or Gala? Because your beauty is driving me bananas!"
  • "We might not be in New York, but you're the only Big Apple in my eyes."
  • "Are you an apple pie? Because I’m dying for a piece of you."
  • "Is your name Apple? Because Apple has done their best work when they created you."
  • "Our love is like an apple orchard—endless, beautiful and full of sweet surprises."
  • "What variety is your apple, since you are so crispy and tasty?"
  • "I’m looking for the Eve to my Adam."
  • "I prefer my apple a day in the form of a gorgeous woman like you."
  • "They say apples don’t fall far from the tree, but I would fall anywhere for you."
  • "Are you an Apple product? Because I can’t resist your sleek and shiny appeal."
  • "Are you an apple? Because I find you a-peeling."
  • "You’re so cute, you could turn this McIntosh red!"
  • "Your eyes are like Granny Smith apples—bright, sparkling, and irresistible."
  • "Are we at a farmer’s market? Because you’re the freshest apple in the basket!"
  • "I can’t help but grin(m) when I see you, Apple!"
  • "Hey, are you an apple tree? Because I might fall for you."
Apple Pick Up Lines For Tinder (2023)
  • "Your smile is sweeter than any apple pie I’ve ever tasted."
  • "Your name must be Apple because looking at you gives me butterflies."
  • "If love had a flavor, for me it would be the sweetest Honeycrisp apple - you."
  • "I can't cope with my feelings, could you be my apple-scope?"
  • "Did you just say apples are your favorite fruit? Say no more – I’m orchard-bound!"
  • "Hey, was that you in my farm dream? Because I saw an apple tree and it certainly resembles you."
  • "If beauty had a name, it’d be 'Apple of my dreams'."
  • "I see you’re an Apple user. Can I be the apple of your screen?"
  • "My love for you is like an apple—it’s never-ending."
  • "If we were two apples falling from the same tree, I'd still pick you."
  • "Can I take you apple picking? Because I just can’t resist your natural sweetness."
  • "If I had to be an apple, I’d want you to be its peel—always around me!"
  • "Girl, you must be an apple because your beauty is tempting!"
  • "You are ripe for love, just like a juicy apple."
  • "I have a question: are you as sweet as an apple, or should we test it out?"
  • "I think I need glasses, because whenever I look at you all I see is a blurry vision of perfection, or an apple? I'm confused."
  • "Are you an apple tree? because I'd like to be tied to you for eternity."
  • "Could you help me pick apples this weekend? Because every moment with you is a sweet as a Red Delicious!"
  • "Are you a top of a tall apple tree? Because I am ready to climb mountains for you!"

Cute Apple Pick Up Line (2023)

Who knew the simplest yet most enduring symbol of sweetness and health in nature - the apple - could serve as the perfect resource for cute pick-up lines? A great means to bring a chuckle or two to your conversations, these apple-themed pick-up lines, brimming with adorable positivity, are designed to endear and engage. Here are cute apple pick-up lines, fresh from the orchard, to sweeten your romantic endeavors:

  • Are you an apple tree? Because I'm falling for you like Newton's apple.
  • You're the apple of my eye; without you, I feel like a pie without a filling.
  • If I were an apple, I would want you to be the one to pick me.
  • Is your name Apple? Because I have been craving you all day long.
  • You're sweeter than the sweetest Honeycrisp Apple.
  • Is there a spark between us or is it just static from the Apple?
  • Excuse me, are you an apple? Because I find myself irresistibly attracted to your gravity.
  • They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but being with you would make me healthier.
  • Could you be the apple that tops my tart?
  • Are we at an orchard? Because I can’t stop picking you.
  • How about we plant a sweet apple seed of love today?
  • Just like an apple, I can't resist taking a bite of our love.
  • If you were an apple, I'd never want to go to the doctor.
  • Are you an apple pie? Because I want a slice of you.
  • Are you a rare apple? Because I've been searching for you everywhere.
  • Comparing you to an apple isn't fair; you're way more delicious.
  • I'm like an apple - hard to resist and good for your health.
  • We make a better pair than apple and pie.
  • I think our love could be like an apple, flourishing from a tiny seed to something beautiful.
  • Will you be the apple to my strudel?
  • Is your dad a thief? Because it looks like he stole all the stars from the sky and put them into these apples.
  • It’s Apple day today, care to take a bite out of my heart?
  • Even the sourest Granny Smith is sweet when compared to you.
Cute Apple Pick Up Line (2023)
  • Do you believe in love at first apple bite?
  • Your love makes me feel freshly-picked, like an apple in the morning dew.
  • Am I an apple? Because every time you come around, I feel like I'm falling.
  • You can take a bite out of my apple-love anytime.
  • Your love is like apple cider, strong, sweet, and spicy.
  • You put the pie in apple pie.
  • Are you an apple? Cause I don’t mind taking a bite.
  • Talk about candied apples — you sure know how to sugarcoat my world.
  • Feeling adventurous? Let's go apple picking, I promise you won't fall far.
  • Just like a juicy apple, your love keeps me refreshed.
  • My love for you is like apple seeds - infinite and always growing.
  • Your sweet smile is like the first bite of a Honeycrisp apple - unforgettable.
  • I’ve been apple picking before, but I’ve never picked anyone as sweet as you.
  • An apple contains no fat, and our love contains no lies.
  • If kisses were apples, I’d give you a farmers market.
  • I’d pick you over the most delicious apple in the world.
  • Are you an apple? Because I find myself itching to take a bite.
  • Your attractiveness is like an apple, bright, shiny, and too tempting.
  • Can I offer you a slice of my apple heart?
  • The apple might not fall far from the tree, but I’d go distances for you.
  • Let’s stop playing bobbing for apples and start playing for each other’s hearts.
  • You are more tempting than any forbidden fruit could ever be.
  • Do you like apples? Because I am about to fall from this tree for you.
  • If falling in love was like picking apples, I’d have a whole bushel with you.
  • I am an apple, won’t you be my Eve?

Apple Pick Up Lines For Her (Girls)

Strike a unique chord in her heart with these apple-themed pick-up lines. These one-liners, crafted with a perfect blend of creativity and wit, are guaranteed to make her smile and take your conversation to a delightful place. Here are apple pick-up lines for her:

  • "You must be the apple of my eye, because I can't see anyone else but you."
  • "Are you a red apple? Because my doctor recommends one of you a day to keep my heart healthy."
  • "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by with these apples again?"
  • "You're as enchanting as an orchard full of blooming apple trees."
  • "Is your name Apple? Because you have everything to keep the doctor away."
  • "Are you Eve? Because just like Adam, I can't resist your apple."
  • "Forget the apples, it's your smile that keeps the doctor away."
  • "Are you a Granny Smith? Because there's nothing sour about your sweetness."
  • "If love is a fruit, then you must be the sweetest apple I've ever tasted."
  • "If my love for you were an apple, there wouldn't be a tree large enough to bear it."
  • "You're just like a Honeycrisp apple, lovely and sweet."
  • "Our love could make even the sourest apple taste sweet."
  • "Are you an apple? Because falling for you is just like Newton's law."
  • "Were you grown in an orchard? Because you are the apple of my eye."
  • "If I were to pick anyone, I would pick you, my apple."
  • "You're like a ripe apple, you bring color to my life."
  • "You're like a golden apple, rare and precious."
  • "We might not be in Eden, but I have found my Eve in you."
  • "You're just like a Gala apple, wonderfully crunchy and satisfying."
  • "Are your parents apple farmers? Because you are the best harvest I've ever seen."
  • "If you're an apple, then today must be my lucky day, because I just picked you."
Apple Pick Up Lines For Her (Girls)
  • "Your charm is more tempting than the shiniest apple on the tree."
  • "Are you made of apple pie? Because you warm my heart."
  • "Like a Red Delicious, you're classic beauty personified."
  • "If Johnny Appleseed had seen you, he would've planted an entire orchard for you alone."
  • "Are you interested in apple picking? Let's start with my heart."
  • "You must be an Ambrosia apple, because being with you tastes like honey."
  • "Are we in an apple orchard? Because I'm falling for you like Newton's apple."
  • "You shine brighter than the North Star apple at dawn."
  • "Is it just me, or do we make a better pair than apples and cinnamon?"
  • "You're more beautiful than a sunset over an apple orchard."
  • "Your smile is sweeter than the juiciest apple."
  • "Are you an apple? Because you've got just enough bite to keep things interesting."
  • "Is there an apple tree nearby or did I just discover the sweetest thing around?"
  • "Do apples fall from trees around here or have I finally found the woman of my dreams?"
  • "Much like an apple, I can't resist the temptation of your charm."
  • "We go together better than apples and honey."
  • "Your beauty is more mesmerizing than a blooming apple blossom."
  • "If you're the apple, then I must be the pie. We're simply perfect together."
  • "Just like apples and cheese, our love is a classic pairing."
  • "You're not an ordinary fruit. You're my apple - splendid, juicy, and delicious."
  • "Much like a Fuji apple, your sweetness is irresistible."
  • "Your eyes are as captivating as the inviting allure of fresh-picked apples."
  • "If you're an apple, then I'm struck by gravity."
  • "Looking at you is like gazing at a luscious apple orchard, delightful and enchanting."
  • "If I had to pick the perfect apple, I'd pick you over and over again."
  • "Your beauty reminds me of an apple tree in bloom. So simple, yet spellbinding."

Apple Pick Up Lines For Him (Guys)

Looking to impress that special guy with some unique and quirky pick-up lines? Look no further than apple pick-up lines for him! These lines are a great way to show off your fun, playful side while also sparking some conversation and potentially even a bit of romance.

  • Are you an apple? Because you're the apple of my eye.
  • You must be an apple, because I find you very a-peeling.
  • Do you believe in love at first bite or should I walk by again?
  • Excuse me, do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes, just like I keep getting lost in the depth of an apple's core.
  • Do you know why I can't eat an apple? Because you stole my heart and it's all yours now.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they also say the best apple of them all is you.
  • If I gave you an apple, would you hold it against me?
  • I'm like a honeycrisp apple, a rare and sweet find. Want a taste?
  • Are you a caramel apple? Because you're sweet and irresistible.
  • I couldn't help but notice you were checking me out. Is it because I'm the apple of your eye?
  • Are you an apple pie? Because you're hot, sweet and I want a piece of you.
  • You're like a Granny Smith apple, a bit tart on the outside but surprisingly sweet on the inside.
  • Do you know why they call it a forbidden fruit? Because I can't help but feel tempted by you.
  • Are you a Mac? Because you're making my heart start up.
  • Do you like apples? Because I'm giving you the best apple-ications for the position of my soulmate.
  • Do you know why you're like an apple? Because I want to give you a good squeeze.
  • If I gave you an apple, would you make it your wife and love it forever?
  • I'm like a money tree, but instead of money, I grow apples. Want to try a bite?
  • Are you a Red Delicious apple? Because you make my taste buds tingle.
  • Do you like apples? Because I'm the apple of your eye and I'm ripe for the picking.
  • Are you Apple Inc.? Because you have all the qualities I'm looking for in a partner: innovation, creativity and style.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? They say that the best ones are the hardest to get, but I'm willing to work hard for you.
  • If I had to choose between an apple and you, I'd choose you every time.
  • I must be a bit rusty because the only thing that's picking me up is the thought of you.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? The more the merrier, so would you like to make it a party and join me for some apple picking?
  • Are you a Golden Delicious apple? Because you're making my heart beat like it's made of gold.
  • If you were an apple, I'd let you ripen to perfection before I picked you.
  • Do you know why an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Because I find you so delicious, I don't need to see a doctor for anything else.
  • Are you a Fujishu apple? Because you're exotic, unique, and definitely worth a try.
  • Do you believe in love at first bite or should I pass by again?
  • You must be an apple orchard because I can't wait to explore every inch of you.
  • Do you like apple cider? Because I can make you a personalized batch that's perfect for your taste buds.
  • I'm feeling a bit down, could you be my sparkling apple cider and lift my spirits up?
Apple Pick Up Lines For Him (Guys)
  • You must be a juicy apple because every time I think of you, my mouth starts watering.
  • If apples were kisses, I'd give you a basket full.
  • Do you believe in fate? Because I feel like our paths were meant to cross, just like the paths of two apple slices in an apple pie.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? They say they're the forbidden fruit, but I'm willing to take the risk for you.
  • I must be the apple guy at the grocery store because my eyes can't stop finding you.
  • Are you a Honeycrisp? Because you're worth every cent and I'd wait in line for hours just for a chance to get close to you.
  • Do you know why I can't eat a Gala apple? Because I'll always pick a Golden Delicious like you first.
  • Excuse me, do you have a band-aid? Because I keep falling for you like an apple from a tree.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? They say they're the symbol of temptation, but I think you're worth the fall.
  • If I were a cat, would you be the apple of my catnip?
  • Do you believe in astrology? Because I'm pretty sure our stars are aligned for a juicy love affair.
  • Are you a Honeycrisp? Because you make my heart go crunch.
  • Do you know why I'm like a Granny Smith apple? Because I'm sour at first but it gets sweeter when you get to know me.
  • If you were an apple, your crispiness would catch my attention and your sweetness would win my heart over and over again.
  • You must be a baked apple. Because you're sweet, soft and the perfect way to end my day.
  • Do you believe in fairy tales? Because I feel like I just found my Sleeping Beauty in a basket of apples.
  • Do you know what they say about apples? They say they're the evolution of love, and I believe that's where we're headed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Apple pick-up lines?

Apple pick-up lines are amusing, clever, and sometimes cheesy phrases that incorporate Apple-themed humor. They are meant to be ice-breakers or conversation starters, primarily with people who also appreciate the global tech brand.

When is the appropriate situation to use Apple pick-up lines?

Any casual, light-hearted situation is ideal to use these pick-up lines, especially where you know the other person appreciates Apple products or technology humor.

Are these lines exclusive only for 'Apple lovers'?

While appreciating Apple product references can add to the humor, these lines are not exclusive to Apple aficionados. They can be used on anyone who enjoys a sprinkle of witty tech humor.

Are these lines suitable for both men and women?

Absolutely! Apple pick-up lines are gender-neutral and can be used by all.


In this technologically driven society, it comes as no surprise that even our romantic advances are intertwined with a tech twist. These quirky Apple pick up lines are the epitome of modern-day romance with a sprinkle of humor and wit. So whether you're an Apple aficionado, or you're fishing for the attention of that iPhone obsessed cutie, these pick-up lines present a novel way of starting a conversation.

But in the grand scheme of affairs, humor and wit aside, genuine affection and respect must be the base of all romantic ventures. Pick-up lines might provide an amusing entry point, but sincerity and authenticity will steer the ship. So pick an apple, drop a line, and who knows, you might just find yourself entwining tech tale with a love story.

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