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810+ Friday The 13th Movie Quotes (2024) Spooky and Iconic

Welcome to a thrilling cinematic journey as we delve into the iconic world of horror with Friday The 13th Movie Quotes. For decades, the "Friday the 13th" film franchise has enthralled audiences with its spine-chilling tales of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees, and the relentless pursuit of terror. Within these memorable movie quotes, we find the essence of the fear, suspense, and excitement that have made the series a beloved staple of the horror genre.

Join us as we explore the chilling and memorable lines that have kept audiences on the edge of their seats for generations, proving that even in the darkest of nightmares, there is beauty in the art of fear.

Friday The 13th Movie Quotes-OnlyCaptions

Friday The 13th Movie Quotes (2024)

Step into the eerie world of Friday The 13th as we unearth a collection of unforgettable and spine-tingling movie quotes that have haunted our nightmares for generations. From the ominous whispers of Camp Crystal Lake to the terrifying presence of Jason Voorhees, these quotes encapsulate the essence of fear and suspense that define this iconic horror franchise.

  • "Ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma."
  • "They weren't paying any attention... they were doing the nasty!"
  • "You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday."
  • "It's got a death curse!"
  • "I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed!"
  • "Ch-ch-ch... Ah-ah-ah..."
  • "He's still there!"
  • "You're all alone. You're the last one. Mommy is proud of you."
  • "He's killing me!"
  • "Help! Help! Oh, my God!"
  • "This is God."
  • "It's gotta be the man."
  • "Look what you did to him!"
  • "You can never escape me."
  • "He's out there, watching, waiting."
  • "He's real, you know. He's just like any other man, only more so."
  • "Kill her, Mommy. Kill her."
  • "The boy... is he dead too?"
  • "He's come back, hasn't he?"
  • "We weren't doing anything! We were just messing around."
  • "You let him drown!"
  • "Did you know a young boy drowned here?"
  • "You're going to camp blood, ain't ya?"
  • "He's a legend in his own time."
  • "What were you going to be when you grew up?"
  • "I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here."
  • "They're all dead! They're all dead!"
  • "It was Jason. He's come back for me."
  • "There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead."
  • "The girl who survived that night at Camp Blood, that Friday the 13th."
  • "Jason's out there."
  • "He's still out there, isn't he?"
  • "There's something about this place. Killing's an addiction around here."
  • "Jason was my son, and today is his birthday."
  • "If you don't leave here, you're going to die."
  • "His name was Jason. And today is his birthday."
  • "I told the others. They didn't believe me. You're all doomed."
  • "We have to stop him!"
  • "This place is cursed."
  • "His name was Jason. And today is his birthday."
Friday The 13th Movie Quotes-OnlyCaptions

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  • "Jason's a legend."
  • "I'm not afraid of you!"
  • "It's not over, not as long as there's a Voorhees."
  • "I want you to smile, you son of a..."
  • "I'll be back. We'll see him in hell."
  • "He's still there, isn't he?"
  • "You can't escape him."
  • "Don't let him get away, Mommy."
  • "The boy, is he dead too?"
  • "You're all alone now."
  • "He's not dead!"
  • "He's here!"
  • "It's all done, Jason. You're dead!"
  • "It's too late. We're not going to be able to stop him."
  • "We're not safe here."
  • "It's not over, not as long as there's a Voorhees."
  • "The only way to kill Jason is to send him back to hell."
  • "He's not going to die."
  • "It's not dead."
  • "You can't kill me. I'm not like other girls."
  • "I can handle this."
  • "We're going to make it."
  • "He's still out there, waiting for us."
  • "He's going to get us all."
  • "We can't let him win."
  • "We have to stick together."
  • "We have to find a way out of here."
  • "It's all going to be okay."
  • "We can't hide forever."
  • "The only way to kill Jason is to send him back to hell."
Friday The 13th Movie Quotes 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "He's going to kill us all."
  • "I'm not afraid of him."
  • "We have to fight back."
  • "He's not going to win."
  • "We can't let him take us down."
  • "This is our chance to survive."
  • "We have to be strong."
  • "We're not going down without a fight."
  • "He's not going to stop until we're all dead."
  • "We have to find a way to stop him."
  • "He's coming for us."
  • "We can't give up."
  • "We have to keep going."
  • "We're not going to let him win."
  • "We can't let fear control us."
  • "We have to stay calm."
  • "We have to stay together."
  • "We're going to get through this."
  • "He's not going to break us."
  • "We have to stay focused."
  • "We can't let him get to us."
  • "We're going to make it out of here."
  • "We can't lose hope."
  • "He's not going to defeat us."
  • "We have to believe in ourselves."
  • "We can't let him win."
  • "We're going to survive this."
  • "We have to stick together."
  • "He's not going to stop us."
  • "We're not going to be his victims."
Friday The 13th Movie Quotes 3-OnlyCaptions

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As we reflect on the spine-tingling journey through these quotes, we are reminded that horror movies, like Friday The 13th, serve a unique purpose in the realm of cinema. They tap into our deepest fears and push the boundaries of our imaginations, leaving us with an adrenaline rush and a lingering sense of unease. Friday The 13th Movie Quotes, in all their macabre glory, have become an integral part of this thrilling cinematic experience, offering fans a nostalgic connection to the heart-pounding moments that have kept them coming back for more.

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