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260+ Karma Narcissist Quotes (2024) Wake up Call Exposed

Navigating the complexities of relationships with a narcissist can be a tumultuous experience, fraught with emotional ups and downs. One way to empower yourself amidst the challenges is through understanding the psychology that underpins their behavior. "Karma narcissist quotes" have become a tool for many who seek wisdom in dealing with such relationships. These insightful quotes offer a lens through which to view the situation, helping you regain a sense of control and even peace.

However, it's important to not merely use these quotes as a form of revenge, but rather as guideposts for personal growth and better understanding. By delving into these phrases and sayings, you can gain insight into the workings of karma and narcissism, enriching your perspective and arming you with the knowledge you need to handle tricky interpersonal dynamics more effectively.

Karma Narcissist Quotes (2024)

Karma Narcissist Quotes (2024)

While quotes alone won't solve the intricacies of dealing with a narcissist, they can serve as a form of enlightenment, comfort, or even empowerment. Here are 120 karma narcissist quotes to help you understand the dynamics of such relationships and guide you through your emotional journey.

  • "What goes around, comes back around, even for the narcissist."
  • "The ego of a narcissist is a ticking time bomb; karma is simply the countdown."
  • "Karma doesn't miss anyone, narcissists included."
  • "Even a mirror doesn't reflect a broken heart, but karma reflects every deed."
  • "A narcissist's love is as shallow as a puddle; karma is as deep as an ocean."
  • "Narcissists build their castles on sand; karma comes as the tide."
  • "In the end, karma will be both the jury and the judge for the narcissist."
  • "When a narcissist can no longer control you, they control how others see you. Karma controls what happens next."
  • "For every action, there's a reaction. Narcissists will eventually face theirs."
  • "Karma never loses an address, especially that of a narcissist."
  • "If narcissists think they're invincible, they haven't met karma yet."
  • "A narcissist's colors may fade, but karma's palette is ever-vibrant."
  • "In the circle of life, karma always comes back to where it started."
  • "Karma doesn't have a menu. A narcissist gets served what they deserve."
  • "The narcissist plays with fire, but forgets that karma is inflammable."
  • "Karma's scales are balanced, even when a narcissist tries to tip them."
  • "Karma doesn't take sides; it takes the truth."
  • "When you're dealing with a narcissist, just remember: Karma has no deadline."
  • "The narcissist writes the script, but karma directs the movie."
  • "Karma speaks louder than a narcissist ever could."
  • "In the game of life, the narcissist cheats; karma changes the rules."
  • "Karma has no problem getting back in touch with a narcissist."
  • "Karma wears no mask but takes off the narcissist's."
  • "Karma has a way of revealing what narcissists work hard to hide."
  • "A narcissist's reign is temporary; karma is eternal."
  • "The spotlight a narcissist steals will eventually be karma’s to give back."
  • "Karma is the echo to the narcissist's shout."
  • "In the theatre of life, the narcissist may choose the role, but karma calls 'cut'."
  • "For the narcissist, karma isn't just a theory but an inevitable reality."
  • "Karma plays the long game; it will catch up, no matter the head start."
Karma Narcissist Quotes 2-OnlyCaptions

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  • "Karma knows the difference between self-love and narcissism."
  • "The narcissist's script can be rewritten, but karma holds the pen."
  • "Karma is the mirror that a narcissist never wants to look into."
  • "In life’s labyrinth, the narcissist takes shortcuts; karma blocks the exit."
  • "A narcissist's tongue may be sharp, but karma's blade is sharper."
  • "Karma doesn’t get fooled by a narcissist’s disguise."
  • "The narcissist may win the battle, but karma wins the war."
  • "A narcissist will never outrun karma's shadow."
  • "Karma has a knack for rebalancing the scales the narcissist tilts."
  • "What a narcissist buries, karma digs up."
  • "Karma remembers what the narcissist wants to forget."
  • "A narcissist's lie has speed, but karma has stamina."
  • "The narcissist may be charming, but karma is enchanting."
  • "For the narcissist, there's no hiding from karma's spotlight."
  • "Karma is the whisper in the wind that a narcissist can never silence."
  • "Karma paints the full picture when a narcissist only sketches lines."
  • "The narcissist’s illusion breaks when karma shows the reality."
  • "In the race of life, karma will catch up to the sprinting narcissist."
  • "Karma humbles the narcissist, one experience at a time."
  • "A narcissist creates ripples; karma creates waves."
  • "Karma gives the narcissist a taste of their own medicine."
  • "Karma waits patiently, but it never forgets or forgives."
  • "When karma visits a narcissist, it's never for coffee."
  • "A narcissist's plot may thicken, but karma’s resolution is clear."
  • "A narcissist might think they’re the artist, but karma holds the brush."
  • "Karma sees through the façade that the narcissist puts up."
  • "Karma doesn’t have a blind spot; it sees everyone, narcissists included."
  • "Karma is the referee that the narcissist can't manipulate."
  • "The narcissist’s tower of lies will crumble under the weight of karma."
  • "Karma doesn't discriminate; it even knocks on a narcissist's door."
Karma Narcissist Quotes 2 1-OnlyCaptions
  • "The narcissist's curtain call is directed by karma."
  • "If a narcissist is an actor, karma is the critic."
  • "Karma is the puzzle piece the narcissist can't find."
  • "The narcissist's clock ticks faster when karma is around."
  • "Karma's receipts are the ones a narcissist can't discard."
  • "The narcissist might bend the truth, but karma straightens it out."
  • "Karma is the thread that weaves the narcissist’s fate."
  • "Karma is the unsaid in every narcissist's monologue."
  • "Karma holds the narcissist accountable when no one else can."
  • "The narcissist can ignore reality, but can't ignore karma."
  • "A narcissist can delete history, but karma has a backup."
  • "Karma is the ink in the pen that writes the narcissist’s ending."
  • "Narcissists may dance, but karma calls the tune."
  • "Karma is the judge that a narcissist can't deceive."
  • "The narcissist believes they’re the sun; karma proves they’re just a star."
  • "Karma is the storm that the narcissist never saw coming."
  • "A narcissist's manipulation has limits; karma has none."
  • "Karma returns every tear the narcissist has caused."
  • "A narcissist may skip the lesson, but karma retests."
  • "The narcissist's smokescreen can't hide them from karma."
  • "Karma is the plot twist the narcissist didn’t see coming."
  • "A narcissist can fake love, but can't fake karma."
  • "Karma is the final chapter in a narcissist's book."
  • "A narcissist can change their story, but can't edit karma."
  • "The narcissist’s stone may skip, but karma’s sinks deep."
  • "Karma knows how to pull the rug from under a narcissist’s feet."
  • "Karma counts what the narcissist thought was forgotten."
  • "A narcissist may bend the rules, but karma sets them straight."
  • "The narcissist's walls may be high, but karma knows how to climb."
  • "Karma doesn't need an invitation to enter a narcissist's life."
Karma Narcissist Quotes 3-OnlyCaptions
  • "The narcissist's denial is karma's confirmation."
  • "Karma is the therapist the narcissist can't lie to."
  • "Karma can see through the narcissist’s tinted glass."
  • "Karma is the echo that returns a narcissist's shout."
  • "A narcissist's game ends where karma's game begins."
  • "Karma clears the fog the narcissist tries to create."
  • "Karma has a boomerang; what a narcissist sends out, comes back."
  • "Karma is the answer to the narcissist's question they're too afraid to ask."
  • "The narcissist's ignorance is karma's playground."
  • "Karma cleans up what the narcissist sweeps under the rug."
  • "Karma’s calendar has a date set for every narcissist."
  • "The narcissist's charm doesn't work on karma."
  • "Karma doesn't play games, but it knows the narcissist’s moves."
  • "The narcissist can break bonds, but not karma’s chain."
  • "Karma is the footprints the narcissist can't wash away."
  • "Karma is the reality check that a narcissist's ego can't cash."
  • "Karma is the audience that never claps for a narcissist’s performance."
  • "Karma never flinches at a narcissist’s threats."
  • "Karma holds the compass that a narcissist tries to spin."
  • "Karma is the price tag the narcissist can't afford."
  • "Karma’s lessons are the ones a narcissist can't skip."
  • "Karma is the antidote to the narcissist’s venom."
  • "The narcissist’s secrets are karma’s public announcements."
  • "Karma is the lock that a narcissist can’t pick."
  • "The narcissist might control the narrative, but karma writes the epilogue."
  • "Karma doesn't fold under a narcissist’s pressure."
  • "Karma’s wheels grind slow but grind fine, especially for a narcissist."
  • "The narcissist’s deception is karma’s clarity."
  • "Karma is the exam the narcissist didn't study for."
  • "The narcissist's silence speaks volumes; karma writes the book."
Karma Narcissist Quotes 4-OnlyCaptions

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Navigating the intricate maze of a relationship with a narcissist is never easy. "Karma narcissist quotes" offer a unique combination of wisdom and empowerment, enabling you to better understand the underlying dynamics and to cope with the emotional toll such interactions often take.

Whether you're seeking self-awareness, emotional liberation, or simply a source of enlightenment, these quotes are stepping stones on your path towards emotional well-being.

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