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220+ Quotes From Blades Of Glory (2023) Edition Revealed

"Quotes from blades of glory" is a delightful reminder of the hilariously absurd world of competitive figure skating and the equally eccentric characters who inhabit it. This cult classic comedy film, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, takes us on a laugh-out-loud journey into the lives of two unlikely skating partners, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, as they attempt to defy all odds and make their mark on the ice.

In this exploration of "Quotes from blades of glory," we will dive into the zany world of the film, where rivalries are fierce, costumes are flamboyant, and the quest for gold is both heartwarming and side-splittingly funny. Join us as we relive the most iconic moments and lines from this comedic gem and discover why it continues to be a beloved source of laughter for audiences around the world.

Quotes From Blades Of Glory (2023)

Quotes From Blades Of Glory (2023)

Get ready to laugh out loud as we revisit some of the most memorable and hilarious lines from the cult classic comedy film, "Blades Of Glory." This movie, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, brings together the worlds of figure skating and comedy in a way that's both outrageous and uproarious. Join us on a journey through the zany and eccentric world of figure skating, where rivalries are fierce, costumes are flamboyant, and the laughs are non-stop.

  • "You're not a man, you're a machine!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Mind-bottling, isn't it?" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "That's not gonna happen, not on my watch, not on my watch!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "This is figure skating, not 'frickin' hockey!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "You're gonna look like a bunch of iceholes." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "It's called being awesome, maybe you should try it." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "No, hector. Hector is my father." - Hector
  • "You know what we're going to do? We're going to dance!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "I'm going to shoot you in the back with a nail gun!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "Mind telling Jesus that the Van Waldenbergs are here." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "Bless you all." - Darren MacElroy
  • "We can't do the 'Fire and Ice' routine!" - Darren MacElroy
  • "You know what Ice stands for, right? International Currency Exchange." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "It's not about sex, it's about the sport." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "No more sex until after Nationals." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Let's kick some ice!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're the sexiest skater in the world, aren't you?" - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "No, no, no, no! You're not manly enough to pull that move off!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "I'm talking about a little place called 'Aspen'." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I see you still look like a 15-year-old girl, but not hot." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Why are you so sweaty?" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "I was watching Cops." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're gonna get a PhD in how to get kicked out of a place!" - Darren MacElroy
  • "No man is ever gonna tell me what to do!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "The Van Waldenbergs never break the law. We bend it." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "You just made me pee a little." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "That was disgusting and awesome!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "You let me talk to my sister in peace, or I will bring the thunder down on you like Zeus himself!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "I'm trying to un-blur the lines." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "You and me, we're gonna be friends forever." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "Don't let them change you, okay? Keep being who you are." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "They don't know we have a secret handshake, Chazz." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "It's like 'Let's get naked' time!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Dude, you just made out with your sister!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're officially hot, Chazz." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "I'm fire and ice, no more Mr. Nice Guy!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "They're like a couple of jackrabbits in heat out there." - TV Announcer
  • "Get off my back!" - Darren MacElroy
  • "You don't scare me. I lost my virginity at the age of 12." - Hector
  • "No, it's the triple-flip twisty thing." - Jimmy MacElroy
Quotes From Blades Of Glory-OnlyCaptions

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  • "You're a sex addict. You can't even spell 'stop.'" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're the top men's skater in the world. Let's get down to it." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "We were the first brother-sister ice dancing team to win the gold medal!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "There's only one rule: there are no rules!" - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "You're so fast! You're like a rocket with boobs!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I want you inside me." - Hector
  • "We're siblings. It's not appropriate." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "You got a lot of gay in you." - Hector
  • "I'm not gay." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Who wants to see me do a triple Salchow?" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I'd love to see you do a triple Salchow." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "You look like a bunch of kids in your underwear." - Darren MacElroy
  • "You're gonna make me act up." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Can we just call it a 'love quadrilateral'?" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Ice is my life!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "How's that for a 12-year-old?" - Hector
  • "Who's the king?" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We're not gay, we're celibate." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "It's called the 'Iron Lotus.' It's a move so dangerous, so stupid, that no one would dare try it... until now." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I've been waiting years for this." - Darren MacElroy
  • "You guys are nerds!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "It's on! It's so on!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're insane!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "No, you're insane!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You know what we are? We're freakin' unicorns!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "This is how we handle things in the Van Waldenberg family." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "This isn't a joke, Chazz. You're not gonna die!" - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "The Iron Lotus. You said you were gonna do it!" - Hector
  • "I can't believe I'm crying. I never cry!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You're like a father to me!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "You're like a little brother I never wanted!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We're gonna skate like the wind!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "I'm the only man in the world that can tame the beast, but you... you could tame the beast, too." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "No, it's you that's changed, Stranz. You've gone soft!" - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "Remember that time you taught me how to skate, and you said, 'Remember, Jimmy, it's all in the hips'?" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Yeah, I did say that." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Well, it turns out it's not all in the hips." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "You're un-American!" - Hector
  • "I'm warning you, Chazz, I'm going to come in first place. And you... you're going to come in last!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "You are a smelly pirate hooker." - Chazz Michael Michaels
Quotes From Blades Of Glory 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "Don't ever speak that way to me." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "Did you just say my ass was 'preposterous'?" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "No, I said it's 'rock-solid'." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "That is absolutely preposterous!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I see you got fat!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I see you still look like a 15-year-old girl, but not hot." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "You are literally too stupid to insult." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "You look like a 12-year-old Dutch girl." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We're all children of the Earth, it's like we're all connected by the ocean." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "That's so true." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "You can use your skills to help people." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "I can teach inner-city kids to skate." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "I can teach inner-city kids to be a figure skater, and maybe learn a little something about themselves." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "I will teach them how to ice skate, and then we'll be friends." - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • "What do you know about dating an elementary school teacher?" - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "I know it's like dating a nun." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We are sex addicts. We're addicted to sex. We can't get enough of it." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "We're addicted to sex." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I'm addicted to sex." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Who isn't?" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I am. I can't stop." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "I'm on fire!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I'm coming!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "I'm coming! I'm coming!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Let's go, let's go!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "This is gonna hurt like a mother******!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Let's kick some ice!" - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We're like a power couple." - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • "I just got a 'D' in history." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "Double 'D's, baby." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "It's not fair that we're on the ice, and they're not." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "We're like the wind." - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "We're gonna have so much sex after this." - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • "A brand new appreciation for a thing called gravity." - TV Announcer
  • "How are you? You're gonna die." - Hector
  • "I'm not gonna die!" - Jimmy MacElroy
  • "Well, you're gonna wish you were dead." - Hector
  • "That was the first time I ever seen anybody do something like that." - Darren MacElroy
Quotes From Blades Of Glory 3-OnlyCaptions

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As we've revisited these hilarious and iconic quotes from the movie, we've been reminded of the sheer brilliance of the humor and the charm of the characters. From Chazz Michael Michaels' irreverent quips to Jimmy MacElroy's innocent yet witty remarks, the humor in "Blades Of Glory" is as sharp as a figure skater's blade. So, the next time you need a good laugh or want to relive the absurdity of competitive figure skating, just turn to "Quotes from blades of glory."

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