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940+ Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg (2024) Timeless Quips

"Quotes from Legend of Old Gregg" is a humorous and iconic glimpse into the quirky world of the British comedy series "The Mighty Boosh." This cult classic show introduced viewers to the enigmatic and eccentric character, Old Gregg, portrayed by actor and co-creator of the series, Noel Fielding. The character of Old Gregg is known for his unforgettable quotes that have become legendary among fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike. As we delve into these memorable lines, we'll journey into the surreal and imaginative universe of "The Mighty Boosh" and discover the enduring appeal of Old Gregg's peculiar phrases.

Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg 1-OnlyCaptions

Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg (2024)

Venture into the whimsical world of Old Gregg with a collection of unique and memorable quotes from the iconic character. From quirky catchphrases to cryptic one-liners, these quotes capture the essence of Old Gregg's eccentricity and charm.

  • "I'm Old Gregg, pleased to meet ya!"
  • "I got all things that are good."
  • "You ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?"
  • "This is as close as you can get to Bailey's without your eyes getting wet."
  • "Fuzzy little man-peach."
  • "Easy now, fuzzy little man-peach."
  • "I'm gonna hurt you."
  • "You don't know me. You don't know what I got."
  • "Do you love me? Could you learn to love me?"
  • "I'm a watercolor, man. W-w-w-watercolor."
  • "Make an assessment!"
  • "You're a fool! You're a fool for coming here."
  • "I've got a mangina!"
  • "I'm a scaly man-fish."
  • "You want some Bailey's?"
  • "I call this one Old Gregg!"
  • "I'm gonna do ya!"
  • "You ever go to a club where people wee on each other?"
  • "Don't lie to me, boy!"
  • "I'm just a funky ball of tits from outer space!"
  • "You ever play your love games with me?"
  • "I'm gonna hurt you. I like you."
  • "Mmmm, creamy!"
  • "I'm gonna get you, fishy!"
  • "Do you like my waters?"
  • "Can I ask you a question?"
  • "You don't know what I got."
  • "I'm not playing your games, boy!"
  • "What do you think of this one?"
  • "I'm an undersea creature with features."
  • "You know what I'm sayin'?"
  • "I've got the funk!"
  • "I'm a man-fish!"
  • "I'm gonna have ya!"
  • "I've got something to show ya."
  • "Do you want to go to a club where people wee on each other?"
  • "I'm Old Gregg, and I got the funk!"
  • "I'm gonna get ya!"
  • "You're a wizard!"
  • "I've got something to show ya."
Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg-OnlyCaptions

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  • "You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?"
  • "I'm the king of the mods!"
  • "What do you think of me now?"
  • "You like that?"
  • "I'm a love machine."
  • "I've got the creamy beige."
  • "You ever see a man eat his own head?"
  • "You're gonna pay the penalty."
  • "You're my playmate now."
  • "You wanna come to a club where people wee on each other?"
  • "You know, just hangin' out."
  • "You've got a little bit of my funk in ya."
  • "I don't like it when you go out with other men."
  • "I'm Old Gregg, and I got a mangina!"
  • "You're a warm-up act."
  • "You're gonna pay the price, boy."
  • "You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?"
  • "Do you like Bailey's?"
  • "I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm gonna protect ya."
  • "You wanna see my downstairs mix-up?"
  • "You're playin' your love games with me, boy."
  • "I'm a funky ball of tits from outer space!"
  • "I'm the guardian of the funk."
  • "I'm Old Gregg, and I've got a mangina!"
  • "I've got a lot of things. I don't know what to tell ya."
  • "You like Bailey's?"
  • "Ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?"
  • "I'm a love creature."
  • "I'm a watercolor, I wash off."
  • "I got the funk."
  • "You've seen my downstairs mix-up."
  • "I'm more than just a pretty face."
  • "I'm not playing your games, mister."
  • "You're playing your love games with me."
  • "Don't make me get the funk out."
  • "I know what you're thinking. Here comes Old Gregg. He's a scaly man-fish."
  • "I don't like to talk about it."
  • "I'm an evil merman."
  • "I'm Old Gregg!"
  • "You ever drink Baileys from a shoe?"
Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "I got a mangina!"
  • "I'm gonna show you things that you've never seen before."
  • "I call this one Old Gregg."
  • "I've got a creamy beige."
  • "I'm gonna make you love me."
  • "I'm gonna turn you into a little Bailey's drinking, club-mixing, freaky man."
  • "I've got a man-jina!"
  • "It's attached to your rod, mother-licker!"
  • "I'm an artist."
  • "You ever seen a man's penis?"
  • "I'm fuzzy!"
  • "I'm like a jellyfish, motherlicker!"
  • "I don't like it when people call me Maurice."
  • "I'm a mother-licking tingle monster!"
  • "I've been to a club where people wee on each other."
  • "I've got a mangina, I'm Old Gregg!"
  • "You must love me exactly as I love you."
  • "What are you doing in my waters?"
  • "Ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?"
  • "You wanna know me? You don't know me."
  • "I'm gonna show you things you've never seen before."
  • "I'm like a sexy man-fish."
  • "You ever been to a club where people wee on each other?"
  • "I'm like a jellyfish, motherlicker!"
Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg 3-OnlyCaptions

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In wrapping up this eclectic collection of "Quotes From Legend Of Old Gregg," one can't help but appreciate the enduring quirkiness and distinctive charm of this beloved character from "The Mighty Boosh." Old Gregg's bizarre and memorable lines have left an indelible mark on popular culture, drawing fans into his eccentric underwater world. From his unique way of introducing himself to his peculiar obsessions, Old Gregg's quotes serve as a testament to the show's unparalleled ability to push the boundaries of comedy and creativity.

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