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920+ Quotes From Overboard (2024) Laughs Await

"Quotes From Overboard" not only encapsulates the wit and humor of this beloved comedy film but also serves as a testament to its enduring charm in the world of cinema. As audiences around the globe continue to enjoy the misadventures of the film's iconic characters, the memorable lines from "Overboard" remain etched in our collective memory.

In this exploration of the film's most notable quotes, we embark on a journey through the humor, heart, and sheer hilarity that has made "Overboard" a timeless classic.

Quotes From Overboard (2024)

Quotes From Overboard (2024)

Prepare to embark on a journey through some of the most iconic and humorous lines from the classic film "Overboard." These quotes capture the essence of the movie's unforgettable characters and moments, serving as a delightful reminder of the film's enduring charm and wit.

  • "I'm not going to get amnesia every time you have a little fight."
  • "You don't like that fish, do you? You're thinking about it right now."
  • "The best thing about my life is you."
  • "Hey, I'll make you a deal. I'll make you one of these."
  • "You should've been a comedian."
  • "How do you feel about Swiss cheese?"
  • "How did you get amnesia?"
  • "You know, it's very unusual for a man like you to be on a first-name basis with his bank."
  • "You lied, you fink!"
  • "You think I would be caught dead in a thing like this?"
  • "That's one way to get your wood."
  • "I hate moustaches."
  • "No, I thought we could rent a car. Just tell them your name."
  • "I thought I was through with being your mother, but I see you still need me."
  • "What are you doing up?"
  • "I'm not staying in a room with her. I can't stand the sight of her."
  • "You’re disgusting."
  • "I don’t understand, what do you mean?"
  • "I’m a short, fat little man."
  • "This is just a weird coincidence."
  • "Dad, why did you bring us here?"
  • "The coffee’s got a bad taste."
  • "It’s the only car I have."
  • "No, you’re not fired."
  • "Why don’t you give me my pants back?"
  • "I just remembered something."
  • "You should come to the country with me."
  • "I know who I am!"
  • "You’re not coming to the country with us."
  • "You’re a beautiful lady, Mrs. Evans."
  • "I can’t believe she’s here!"
  • "I have a headache."
  • "I don’t want any water."
  • "You should see our place."
  • "I was just giving her a kiss."
  • "What do you think she wants from me?"
  • "I’ll pay you!"
  • "I don’t believe this!"
  • "I’ll give you the money!"
  • "She’ll be gone in no time."
Quotes From Overboard-OnlyCaptions

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  • "I’ll help you get your boat back."
  • "I’m just trying to do my job."
  • "I’m looking for something."
  • "Don’t you ever do that to me again."
  • "I’ll pay you $600."
  • "Don’t call me anymore."
  • "This is my last chance."
  • "I can’t stay here."
  • "I’ve got something to tell you."
  • "You’re a nice guy."
  • "Let’s make love."
  • "I don’t care!"
  • "You shouldn’t have done that."
  • "You’re not funny."
  • "I don’t want any company."
  • "I’ll go with you."
  • "I can’t do that."
  • "I don’t want to be alone."
  • "Where are we going?"
  • "I can’t do that."
  • "You’re making a big mistake."
  • "Why didn’t you tell me?"
  • "You have to trust me."
  • "What’s going on here?"
  • "Where are you taking me?"
  • "I don’t know you."
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "You can’t do this to me."
  • "I can’t believe you’re doing this."
Quotes From Overboard 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "I’ll do it for you."
  • "I love you."
  • "What’s happening to me?"
  • "I’m so happy."
  • "I’ll see you tomorrow."
  • "I’ll get you a blanket."
  • "I’ll see you in the morning."
  • "You can’t leave me here."
  • "I’ll be right back."
  • "You can’t just walk away from me."
  • "You’ll come back, won’t you?"
  • "I’ll be waiting."
  • "You’ll never get away with this."
  • "I won’t let you down."
  • "You’ll see."
  • "I’ll make it up to you."
  • "I’ll never forget you."
  • "I’ll always love you."
  • "I’ll never leave you."
  • "I’ll be right here."
  • "You mean everything to me."
  • "I can’t live without you."
  • "I’ll do anything for you."
  • "I can’t lose you."
  • "You’re my everything."
  • "I’ll never let you go."
  • "I’ll be by your side."
  • "I’ll be here for you."
  • "You’re my one and only."
  • "I’ll cherish you forever."
  • "I love you more than words can say."
Quotes From Overboard 3-OnlyCaptions

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As we reflect on the delightful and memorable journey through the world of "Quotes From Overboard," it becomes abundantly clear that these lines are more than just words spoken in a beloved film; they are windows into the hearts and minds of the characters that have left an indelible mark on our cinematic memories.

Much like the enduring appeal of "Overboard" itself, these quotes continue to resonate with audiences, evoking laughter, nostalgia, and a sense of the enduring magic of storytelling in the world of cinema.

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