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820+ Smith Wigglesworth Quotes (2024) Keys to Miracles

In the realm of spiritual wisdom and inspirational teachings, few figures have left as profound an impact as the renowned evangelist and faith healer Smith Wigglesworth. His deep insights into the power of faith and the miraculous have resonated with countless individuals across the globe.

Today, we delve into a collection of Smith Wigglesworth Quotes, each a precious gem of spiritual guidance and unwavering belief. These quotes not only provide profound glimpses into his remarkable life but also serve as beacons of light for those seeking spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine.

Smith Wigglesworth Quotes (2024)

Smith Wigglesworth Quotes (2024)

Within the treasury of spiritual wisdom, Smith Wigglesworth's teachings shine as a beacon of faith and inspiration. These Smith-Wigglesworth Quotes illuminate the path to a deeper understanding of the miraculous and the transformative power of unwavering belief. As we delve into this collection, we discover profound insights that continue to resonate with seekers of spiritual truth, offering guidance and encouragement on their journey of faith.

  • "Great faith is the product of great fights."
  • "God's power is released through faith."
  • "There is nothing impossible with God. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief."
  • "God can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think."
  • "Faith is an act."
  • "If you mean to live for God, you must be prepared to be different from others."
  • "There's a place in God where you can become a partaker of the divine nature."
  • "Faith is a gift of God."
  • "God delights to increase the faith of His children."
  • "Faith knows God to be true."
  • "When you move, move by faith."
  • "God's miracles come in moments of believing."
  • "Faith is based on the knowledge of the Son of God."
  • "We get very little of the Holy Spirit because we don't give Him room in our hearts."
  • "It is your business to believe."
  • "Faith is the substance of things hoped for."
  • "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God."
  • "To believe when all is dark, that is faith."
  • "The Spirit of God will lead you if you give Him a chance."
  • "A person may fail again and again, but he isn't a failure until he blames someone else."
  • "Faith is the whole thing."
  • "The Holy Spirit is the power of God."
  • "When you believe, you will see the glory of God."
  • "There is a divine power in every life."
  • "If the Spirit of God is in a man, it doesn't matter who he is or what he is; he will be a wonder."
  • "God wants to make your life so wonderful."
  • "God wants you to believe Him for great things."
  • "There's nothing impossible to the man who believes."
  • "The measure of God's revelation to you is to stretch your faith."
  • "If you only believe half of the Bible, you will only get half of what God has for you."
  • "The things of God are on a different scale of values altogether."
  • "God gives you the power to believe; you have to do the believing."
  • "It's wonderful to know that God can speak to us."
  • "God does nothing apart from prayer."
  • "We must believe and act as though God is going to bring it to pass."
  • "It's not enough to believe, but we must ask and then act."
  • "The Holy Ghost and fire must burn in us."
  • "We have no promises in the Word of God if we are unbelieving."
  • "The test of faith is patience."
  • "When you have a revelation of God, His glory shines into your life."
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  • "God never brings His power into the place until there is a vessel prepared to receive it."
  • "A sense of God's presence attracts God's power."
  • "You can never separate the power of God from the presence of God."
  • "Faith is not a passive thing."
  • "Faith is born in the heart, and it must be fed."
  • "God wants us to come to the place where He can reveal Himself to us."
  • "If you will only obey the voice of God, the miracle will come."
  • "The Spirit of God makes the things of God real to you."
  • "When you get filled with the Holy Spirit, He brings the power of God into your life."
  • "Praying in the Spirit is like connecting a wire with electricity."
  • "God wants to possess you, to fill you, to indwell you."
  • "You can have all that God has for you."
  • "The Word of God is God in action."
  • "The Word of God is the voice of God."
  • "Faith acts upon God's Word."
  • "The Word of God is the only instrument that God will honor."
  • "God will reveal Himself to you as you study His Word."
  • "God always speaks in line with His Word."
  • "It's time we believed God."
  • "It's not what you feel but what you believe that matters."
  • "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God."
  • "All that God is, is for you."
  • "Your faith will work."
  • "If you trust in the Lord, all things are possible."
  • "Prayer is a wonderful thing."
  • "God answers prayer."
  • "It's time to believe for greater things."
  • "Faith is based on the knowledge of Jesus."
  • "The greatest thing in all the world is to know how to love God."
  • "Faith is an inner conviction that He is."
  • "God is looking for the heart of a man that He can fill with His love."
  • "God is love, and love is God."
  • "Love is the strongest force in the world."
  • "When you abide in love, you abide in God."
  • "The love of God in a man's heart will make him love even those who are unlovable."
  • "God is waiting for you to obey Him in love."
  • "Love is the key to all power."
  • "Love is the essence of God."
  • "Love is God's nature."
  • "Love will melt the hardest heart."
Smith Wigglesworth Quotes 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "Love will break the strongest will."
  • "Love is not bound by time or place."
  • "Love is the essence of God, and love is always victorious."
  • "God's love is shed abroad in our hearts."
  • "The more love you have, the more love you can give."
  • "Love is the power of God in the world."
  • "God's love is unconditional and unending."
  • "The love of God is a purifying love."
  • "Love is the power to forgive."
  • "Love is the power to heal."
  • "Love is the power to transform lives."
  • "Love is the power to overcome."
  • "Love is the power to give."
  • "Love is the power to endure."
  • "Love is the power to conquer fear."
  • "Love is the power to change the world."
  • "God's love is a healing love."
  • "God's love is a forgiving love."
  • "God's love is a restoring love."
  • "God's love is a transforming love."
  • "God's love is an unchanging love."
  • "God's love is an everlasting love."
  • "God's love is an all-encompassing love."
  • "God's love is a redeeming love."
  • "God's love is a comforting love."
  • "God's love is a protecting love."
  • "God's love is a guiding love."
  • "God's love is a sustaining love."
  • "God's love is a cleansing love."
  • "God's love is a liberating love."
  • "God's love is a renewing love."
  • "God's love is a perfect love."
  • "God's love is a selfless love."
  • "God's love is a sacrificial love."
  • "God's love is a giving love."
  • "God's love is a compassionate love."
  • "God's love is a healing balm."
  • "God's love is a boundless ocean."
  • "God's love is a refuge in times of trouble."
  • "God's love is the answer to every question."
Smith Wigglesworth Quotes 3-OnlyCaptions

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In the realm of faith and spiritual enlightenment, the profound teachings of Smith Wigglesworth have continued to shine as guiding stars for countless individuals seeking a deeper connection with the divine.

The enduring wisdom encapsulated in these Smith Wigglesworth Quotes is a testament to the transformative power of faith, a power that transcends the boundaries of time and resonates with each new generation of believers. 

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