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250+ Jeremiah Johnson Quotes (2023) Ultimate List

"Jeremiah Johnson quotes" bring to mind the rugged and unforgiving landscapes of the American frontier, where a man's grit and determination were the keys to survival. This classic film, directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, takes us on a journey through the wilderness, following the life of Jeremiah Johnson, a mountain man seeking solace and adventure in the untamed wilderness of the 19th century. 

Jeremiah Johnson Quotes (2023)

Jeremiah Johnson Quotes (2023)

Step into the world of the rugged mountain man, Jeremiah Johnson, as we explore a collection of memorable quotes from this iconic film. Directed by Sydney Pollack and brought to life by Robert Redford, "Jeremiah Johnson" takes us on a journey through the untamed wilderness of the American frontier. 

  • "You've come far, pilgrim." - Bear Claw
  • "What are you doing up here?" - Hatchet Jack
  • "What's your name?" - Hatchet Jack
  • "I've been called a lot of things, but I ain't never been called 'pilgrim.'" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You should know better than to raise your voice at a man who's outrankin' you. It could prove to be unhealthy." - Bear Claw
  • "I've buried me a lot of generals, and I reckon it's time I had me a general of my own." - Bear Claw
  • "You're the same dumb pilgrim I been hearin' for twenty days and smellin' for three!" - Del Gue
  • "You're the Indian that sold me the whiskey!" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I was sure a cheery lot when I was a lad." - Bear Claw
  • "You said 'I'm sorry'? What's that mean?" - Del Gue
  • "It's like 'I apologize'." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You're all skin and bones. Leave some meat on the bone for the flies." - Del Gue
  • "Name's Del Gue, Indian Fighter." - Del Gue
  • "You better watch your topknot!" - Del Gue
  • "You got somethin' to trade, pilgrim?" - Del Gue
  • "How's your place out there?" - Del Gue
  • "It's a hard one, ain't it?" - Del Gue
  • "You married?" - Del Gue
  • "No." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Yeah, you look like a married man." - Del Gue
  • "That's for findin' me." - Del Gue
  • "Keep it." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Friend, there's some things you just can't ride around." - Bear Claw
  • "The Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world." - Bear Claw
  • "Some folks think the Rocky Mountains is a little rocky." - Bear Claw
  • "Tell you what, pilgrim, why don't you jump on the horse and ride back a few miles and come back, and I'll tell you a whole lot more." - Bear Claw
  • "I want you to do me a favor. I want you to see if you can get some sense out of that Derned son of a b****." - Del Gue
  • "Did he thank you?" - Del Gue
  • "He don't talk to me. He says 'I'll be around when you need me.'" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You ever get lonesome?" - Bear Claw
  • "I got all the company I need right here." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "And how are you fixed for women?" - Bear Claw
  • "I ain't never had me no big woman." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Would you like to?" - Bear Claw
  • "I reckon I would." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Well, it just so happens I am a big woman." - Bear Claw
  • "Well, it ain't just exactly right that I should tell a big woman like you what to do." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You know what that crazy Indian up on the Crow was sayin'? 'Crazy white men, stay away.' I hope you don't freeze, pilgrim." - Bear Claw
  • "I hope you don't either." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I think I'm crazy." - Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Quotes-OnlyCaptions

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  • "You are." - Del Gue
  • "I don't want to see it. I have seen it once." - Del Gue
  • "Seen what?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "One time, up on the hill, I have seen it. It was big, and it was headed down toward you. Looked as if it was you it was headed for." - Del Gue.
  • "What was it?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Your head." - Del Gue
  • "You be careful in that skin, pilgrim." - Del Gue
  • "I'm careful." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "That skunk out there's got the sun at his back, ain't he." - Del Gue
  • "What do you mean?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "The wind. The wind's at his back. He's upwind from us. He can smell us, but we can't smell him." - Del Gue
  • "You are a 'hairpiece,' aren't you?" - Del Gue
  • "I've buried me a lot of generals, and I reckon it's time I had me a general of my own." - Bear Claw
  • "If you're worried about savages, the first thing you should do is buy yourself a good pair of boots." - Del Gue
  • "What's the reason?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Yeah, 'cause it's 'cause you can get away quicker. You got two ways to go: forward or backward." - Del Gue
  • "Ain't many places a man can still get away from it all." - Del Gue
  • "People up here look out for each other. And we're grateful for what little we got." - Bear Claw
  • "I ain't lookin' for no help." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "That's a fact." - Bear Claw
  • "You make smoke like White Buffalo." - Paints His Shirt Red
  • "I want to learn." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "If you will learn, I will teach." - Paints His Shirt Red
  • "You ready for some learnin'?" - Bear Claw
  • "Well, I'm ready for some schoolin'." - Del Gue
  • "How many's up there?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "It's a passel of 'em." - Del Gue
  • "I'm happy to have the company of the rabbit and the coyote." - Bear Claw
  • "You'll do. You want to ride with me?" - Del Gue
  • "I don't care where you go, as long as it's west." - Del Gue
  • "You shot everything up pretty good." - Del Gue
  • "Well, I got him, didn't I?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I got him in the foot." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You did." - Del Gue
  • "I didn't come up here to shoot rabbits with a howitzer." - Del Gue
  • "Don't get too many ideas up here. You're alone. Up here, you're alone." - Bear Claw
  • "How do you know you're alone?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I can hear my heart beatin'." - Bear Claw
  • "I can hear the wind. I can hear the grass growin'. I can hear the rocks burnin'. I can hear the water runnin'." - Bear Claw
  • "I can hear the grass growin'." - Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Quotes 2-OnlyCaptions
  • "Your head's as thick as the winter belly of a dog." - Del Gue
  • "You call 'em regular women, right?" - Del Gue
  • "The ones that need a woman's hand?" - Del Gue
  • "Yeah." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Well, this is one of 'em." - Del Gue
  • "What's the matter?" - Del Gue
  • "You afraid?" - Del Gue
  • "No, I ain't afraid." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Well, you will be." - Del Gue
  • "You really think I'm stupid, don't you?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I don't think." - Del Gue
  • "You oughta think more." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You're dumber than I thought you were." - Del Gue
  • "I thought you were plenty dumb." - Del Gue
  • "I don't trust it." - Del Gue
  • "What?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "A dead man." - Del Gue
  • "If I know you, that's what you want." - Del Gue
  • "I got no idea what you're talkin' about." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You don't know what I'm talkin' about. That's your trouble." - Del Gue
  • "I'm gonna buy me a good pistol." - Del Gue
  • "I'm gonna buy me a good pistol." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Don't!" - Del Gue
  • "Why not?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "You don't need it." - Del Gue
  • "You don't need a pistol." - Del Gue
  • "What if you meet up with a bear? Or a cougar? Or a band of renegades?" - Del Gue
  • "We don't need no pistol." - Del Gue
  • "We need our eyes and our ears." - Del Gue
  • "We need our wits." - Del Gue
  • "We need our luck." - Del Gue
  • "You wanna play, you better be prepared to pay." - Del Gue
  • "I told you that bear was trouble." - Del Gue
  • "Some folks say I'm the trouble, and some folks say I'm the reason for it." - Jeremiah Johnson.
  • "I know you were crazy when I saw you sittin' there. I know you were trouble when I saw you." - Del Gue
  • "I'll find out who's behind it, and then I'll find out what you want." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "What do you want?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I want to get me a knife and cut out his livin' guts." - Del Gue
  • "What are you doin' up here?" - Bear Claw
  • "I'm lookin' for a crow." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Can't see one. Got no eyes." - Bear Claw
  • "The land's been here since time on time, and it'll be here till the end of time. You need to get yourself a proper wife." - Bear Claw
  • "You come far, pilgrim." - Bear Claw
  • "Feels like far." - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "Were you on the wagon train when it was ambushed?" - Bear Claw
  • "You believe in it, don't you?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "I don't believe in it, but it's there." - Bear Claw
  • "That thing behind you, what is it?" - Del Gue
  • "What?" - Jeremiah Johnson
  • "That thing in the back of you, what is it?" - Del Gue
Jeremiah Johnson Quotes 3-OnlyCaptions

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In the vast expanse of the American frontier, where survival depended on one's wits, "Jeremiah Johnson quotes" stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of a man who sought solace and adventure in the untamed wilderness. This cinematic masterpiece, directed by Sydney Pollack and portrayed by the incomparable Robert Redford, has left an indelible mark on our hearts. 

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